RD new greatest power supply RD6006 DC power supply coming soon

Hi my friend

for our old power supply, many friends give me many suggestion, they need more advanced power supply, I know , I also want to make a better one.

now this power supply has been designed for many months, so the new power supply will be soon. now it is on test in our country , after test , we will sell it to the world

our new products RD6006 will be released soon, this is new case. (not including AC-DC switch power supply, you need to buy them seperately),

if you like it, please leave a message here, welcome to discuss

we will sell the RD6006 and case seperately, when you get , you need to install by yourselves, but it is easyer than DPS case, not including AC-DC power supply

I show some picture to let you check first , hope you like it

I like it.
What does it do?

What does it do?? it is power supply , DC power supply , just like our DPS power supply

OK, just goofying around :innocent:

ha ha

Hardware looks great, start will the software be like? Well it support logging?
And what about the price?

Looks very nice, hope the price is also nice. I have a DC supply just waiting for something like this, output 13 amps at 48 volts.

Nice! I hope you’ll also make a smaller case for use with external AC-DC power supply.

I like it, what is the expected price going to be around?

the price is not confirmed now and we need final test, and I will publish a new article to introduce the function and price when everything is settled.
for PC software , it have added more function than old PC software, also have logging , don’t have
it can have function to charger battery …
it will have many many function

and it will be released in a month, please wait and you will be satisfied with it. we designed it based on the advices from our customer

the price is not confirmed, we need to test the quality first, and when all these things are settled, I will tell you the price and the function, also I will make a video on youtube to show you the function

it is a standard case, the case and power supply can be bought seperately, so you can DIY the case

You currently have 23 separate threads (http://budgetlightforum.com/user/20499/my-threads) about your company products, do you really need to open a new thread for every new product/review?

That looks really neat for a DIY laboratory power supply. You say it needs to be powered by a standard CV power supply. Specifications? Is the module boost capable or buck only? What are its output limits, 60V and 6A? Size? Target price?

ok. I will consider, but you can see each article is different, I don’t just introduce the product, actually it only takes a small part, I use them to test other charger/power bank/ cable, I teach the methods to other people how to test the quality of their device, the method is useful even if you don’t use our products.

it is a still buck power supply, and it can provide 60V/6A output, and the display part is about (16.5*8*3.5)cm. the case (31*17.2*8.7)cm,the size may be adjusted so it is only a referance. the price is not settled, they need final test to make sure the qualtity can be promised, when the price comes out, I will let you know

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6006, so maximum output is only 6A?, not enough for LED testing

If they can make 6020, and limit power output to 500w, i will be very happy to buy it

I was going to say sort of the same a while ago. While 60V is plenty, 6A is definitively too small.