[RD power supply]assembled set for RD6006/RD6012/RD6018/RD6024

Hello everyone, here is a good news

We starts to sell the assembled RD sets! If you cannot assemble by yourselves, you can choose the assembled sets.

RD6006(400W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004766124000.html

RD6012(800W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004766086330.html

RD6018(1200W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004766044132.html

RD6024(1200W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004743824544.html

RD6006P(400W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004766280100.html

RD6012P(1000W PSU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004743824544.html

Accessory List: The assembled set includes a RD device(RD60XX+ case+ input PSU), 25A output cable, Input AC power cord(AU/US/UK/EU Plug), Micro USB communication cable, external temperature sensor and a backup fuse.

As what we do all the time, we will set the lowest price when new product is released, so here is the price:

RD6006 set from:$139USD (normal price from:$160.49USD)

RD6012 set from:$173.49USD (normal price from:$194.99USD)

RD6018 set from:$197.49USD (normal price from:$219.99USD)

RD6024 set from:$218.99USD (normal price from:$241.49USD)

RD6006P set from:$157.99USD (normal price from:$179.49USD)

RD6012P set from:$219.99USD (normal price from:$241.49USD)

Discount Time: 2022.9.27-2022.9.30 PT

After that the price will go back to the normal price, there are still some notes:

  1. This Set is already assembled, you can connect AC power directly! Now there are 4 choices(US/EU/UK/AUPlug),the only difference is the AC cable and input AC voltage request, we set default input voltage to 220V AC for EU/AU/UK version, and 110V AC for US version. others are same.
  2. This set does not have the WiFi card for APP connection, and does not have battery (CR1220) for Date/Time display
  3. If you want to order the WiFi card, you need to know that you must install the battery first, if you install the WiFi card, you cannot remove it and install the battery again
  4. 1200W PSU is 1200W under 220V AC input, but it is only 1000W under 110V AC input, please be careful when making the order, it can let RD6024 output 60V or 24A separately , but it cannot let RD6024 full output.

If you have any questions, just contact us on Aliexpress, or the contact us in the ways below:

WhatsApp: +86-15868147353

Email: 1749808860@qq.com

if you can assemble by yourselves, you can choose to order the parts separately, the price will be lower

RD6024 feedback
This company's product is best. Recommend!

That is certainly not cheap, but considering everything in the package, it is quite a good value still :slight_smile:

yes, put them together increase the weight and size, so the shipping fee increases, if you have time and ability to assemble by yourself, we suggest you to order them separately, take 30 minutes to assemble and you can save money

RD6018 feedback
Super satisfied, excellent seller because he solves all your doubts, an incredible quality product.
hello, we have come back to work today, and we will send the order according to the order date, please wait for the package coming
RD6024 full assembled set link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004765489222.html

RD6024 feedback
the seller answers all my questions and the product is same with its description, recommend

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RD6024 feedback
Kit set in a complete set. Assembled without problems,WiFi works through a smartphone, from a PC the USB connection works. In general it is very cool for its price. I can recommend it for an average DIYer. Thanks to the seller.
RD6012P feedback
stable output, low ripple, easy operation, convenient to charge battery
RD6006 feedback
accurate display, assembled by myself and the case is bigger than what I thought
RD6006P feedback
stable output, accurate
RD6012P feedback
DIY power supply based on RD6012P by 100MHz, using bigger screen, add power button, metal panel, looks better but the weight is not light
RD6018W feedback
package arrive early in excellent condition due excellent internal & external packaging. good customer service
RD6006P feedback
good power supply, no problem for phone repair

RD6006 feedback

Excellent quality and accuracy. Worth every penny.


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RD6012P feedback
Very cool and useful thing. It does its job properly. And everything is done very well
hello, for our power supply, the output should be used alone, some customers needs higher output voltage or current, so they want to connect multiple device in series or in parallel, but in this way, it will damage the devicve, please notice that
RD6006 feedback
Charged all the batteries that were - from 18650, from screwdrivers, and even from a bicycle! Excellent device, good workmanship, indispensable thing on the desktop!!!
X25A cable feedback
The cable is soft and thick. The description on the site is true. I recommend the store and the seller, always ready to talk, especially when I ordered RD6024 and I had a lot of questions about the delivery and configuration