RD6018 RD6018W 60V 18A power supply is published

RD6018 Released

Hello, everyone

4 months ago, we released the second power supply RD6012 of RD series, and some customers need more ampere, so we make RD6018 today.

New Features:

1.Higher current flow (of course)

2.Max output power limit (you can check the video to see how it works)

As what we do all the time, the new products will be set to the lowest price FOR ONLY 5 DAYS, 2020.9.24-2020.9.28,after that, the price will be adjusted to normal price, here is the price list

RD6018:$61.99USD (normal price:$73.5USD)

RD6018W:$65.99USD (normal price:$77.5USD)

Product link: www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001488070904.html

You can check the product detail page to see more information

NOTE:The input PSU we have is 800W, we recommend it as input power source, we test it, and you can use it, but it is lower than the max output power of RD6018(1080W), if you still need full output, please search for 65V 1200W power source, but 1200W PSU is large, it cannot be placed in the S800 case, so you need to make case by yourself. Please consider carefully before placing the order!

Here are some videos:

Basic introduction video:


Real test video( accuracy test, max output efficiency, max power limit function,max power heat dissipation):


Here is the comparison chart of the RD series

Max power limit function

It is recommended to set the Max power value to (rated power of the input * 95%)

For example, if you use 800W PSU as input, you can set 800W*95%=760W

PC function and APP control(RD6018W only)

Other functions

Congrats on a new release! With this speed you’ll be releasing rd 60V 36A in like a year or two, so we can use lab supplies for heating during winter months lol
… and in 5 years maybe welding using first, and plug a neon light on second output :smiley:

Hey, when do you expect it to be available from other sellers on Ali, or other places? I have to wait for some ok shipping option, that’s why I’m asking… I suppose you’ll be the only store selling it for a week or two?

hello, in RD series, 24A is the max current version, and for now we are the only seller, and for this price, it only lasts 5 days, after that, we will edit the price on normal level

RD, I hope you’re not an android, that’s called a joke… you know… welding current, neon light voltage… feels kind of stupid explaining jokes :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for this converter, you know, we already talked, but I wanted to share this one with you, so:

While I was waiting, i was actually preparing a power supply to use with 6018 converter, so I took two ATX psus, to put them in series and then convert 24 to 65ish volts, right, so - when I was checking them out, I realized that the common leads are actually grounded to the chasis. I took pcbs out, I wasn’t gonna use chasis anyways, used some nylon standoffs and put them in series to get to 24v. One of these supplies is a crappy no-name psu, but it’s rated to 28A at 12V single rail. The other is a Chieftec capable of 40A on 12V rail. Both of them are made sometime between Napoleonic wars and WW1. But it saves me 60 bucks plus shipping, and I expect I’ll be able to get around 500W, much less than rated, much more than needed.

Anyway, I was thinking to myself - who needs this - you know - soldering - drilling - mulitimetring - glue on fingers - smell of flux etc. And, it’s not that I am doing wonders here, but the fact is that many people are not so comfortable with electronics. Someone might wanna test some leds, or charge some batteries, that doesn’t neccesarily mean they’ll be comfortable hacking smpsus, right? I was wondering how is it possible that no one made an adjustable power supply you could simply plug into atx connector, like a breakout, with a switch (green to ground), two multiturn pots, a display, so - basic stuff, it could be easily be made for like 20 bucks, and I think it would flood the market.

Many people have some old atx psus, some might even have access to some old server psus, or hp led psus, there are many options if you need to save some cash, these are beasts capable of some mosfet-melting currents (sometimes there are per-rail limitations, but often you don’t even have to address them). So why not launch a sepic converter made for atx 20/24 pin connector, make some use of these old psus, but spare the end user of doing it all by himself?

Ruideng tech is far above this, ofc, I wouldn’t expect that you should do something like this now, but I am actually amazed that I finally thought of something and found that it hasn’t been built by some Chinese guy yet, which is something that never happened before. Actually, it might be inappropriate that I’m writing about all this here, but the rd6018 is the reason I’m diying all this.

Though I would like to hear your thoughts about the idea, as someone in switch converter making, but even more as someone in a sales business. I think something like this would be very simple to build and I really think the market would welcome it. 30W covers most of the things I do with PSU, and I am currently using a kxn3020d 600W adjustable psu, and I do use like 12V 15A for battery charging sometimes, but that shouldn’t be a necessity, and I think that sepic converter put on a 12V 10A psu would satisfy almost everyone’s needs. There are converters on the market such as xys3580, and Ruideng has made a 160W converter in same voltage/current range, so basically, you’d just need some nice interface…

RD series is actually thriving on the same idea - smps + enclosure + buck converter - you buy what you need only, save on things you don’t. RD series became one of the most sought-after power supply modules, and we know it’s not for the lack of noise, it’s because it looks nice, it’s got intuitive interface, some great options (W limit, temp/amd control fan, USB/wifi interface), and it’s because of the price - you don’t have to buy all at once.

So - cheap and modular, and simpler then any cnc module, so how is it possible that no-one has done it?

thank you so much for you long long message , I read them carefully , I will tell our boss and engineer , they will consider your suggestion
thank you so much again

if you have interest in this product, welcome to send message to me, or leave comments below

I have some interest… :frowning: Just kidding, I will suffer, no problem at all.

Hey, I got somewhere in the back of my head - and ofc - correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember that a guy asked you here, or on some other forum “can I put multiple units in series?”, and you replied - No, don’t do that - I remember thinking to myself - wow, that’s weird, why would you limit a psu or an end user in such manner…? And how? I figured - they’re floating, not many reasons to even ask - I WOULDN’T ASK - I would just go ahead and do it.
The question was probably about 6006.
I don’t need more than 60V, I am just intertested to know what is the design feauture preventing units to be chained, why are you against it?

Btw, I think that one of the most desired feautures of converters is the ability to self-regulate multiple units in parallel, and I never heard of converters for which manufacturer advises against series.

we have explained for many times, our power supply can only be used alone, they cannot be connected in series or in parallel. because we don’t design protection for these connection way, so if there is anything wrong, you may damage the whole board.

That’s the version I’m waiting on to replace my DPS5020. Looking forward to trying the RD6024 when they become available. :+1:

thank you, it should be released next year

From 10.1 to 10.8, we are on holiday so we cannot send the packages during this time.We said we will increase the price of RD6018 to 73.5USD from October, so here is the plan, 10.1-10.8 we set the price same as RD6012 as a compensation, after 10.8. RD6018 73.5USD/RD6018W 77.5USD

hello, thank you for your support, the RD6018/RD6018W first sale promotion ends already, and the price has come back to the normal standard
RD6018:73.5 SUD /RD6018W:77.5 USD
RD6018 customer review
Super fast delivery. Reliable beautiful packaging. The quality of the power supply is excellent. All parameters are correct. Responsive, sociable. I recommend.
RD6018 customer review
excellent power supply. used with huawei r4830n, set the voltage to 58 volts, the output is stable 54 volts 18 amperes. at the back I additionally made 2 connectors for voltage from a 58 Volt 28 Ampere power source. I recommend.

Very interesting power supply, but very short window for discount. Any chance for another coupon code or something?
Thank You :slight_smile:

hello, the 11-11 shopping promotion is coming, you can wait a few days, from 2020.11.11-2020.11.12 aliexpress will offer coupons, usually aliexpress will give $6 coupon for every $65 order, for single RD6018, you can get 6 USD off, and for whole complete set, you can get 12 USD off at least

Thank You !

you are welcome, have a nice day

just find a website which shows many DIY cases of RD series. you can have a look
RD6018 review
RD6018-W is shipped to the apartment(Ukraine) in 20 days from Hong Kong via Germany in excellent packaging. Done excellent. Responsible seller - I recommend!