Re: Home Depot upcoming flashlights

Hey guys, about this time every year Home Depot releases new lights? Any word on the new releases?

I picked a few last year Defiant Batlight, 1000 lumen 3 c cell, Husky dual beam flashlights, Husky 2 pack 500 lumens, etc…

Wonder if they will release the amormax thrower, 6 cell light from a few years ago?

Update : picked up the new Defiant 1200 lumen flashlight, usb powerbank/flashlight combo x 2.


I saw a dewalt zoomy and a dewalt headlamp, not sure if they are new but they are new to homedepot in Canada

A three-pack of Defiant 80 lumen headlamps are on sale online at Home Depot for $9.97. Nine Defiant alkaline AAA batteries are included. The headlamp weights 3.15 oz (90 grams) with batteries. Not that it really needs it, but it has a crown strap that adds support. Here is the UI, per click:

  1. Center light (throw)
  2. End lights (flood)
  3. Both Center and End lights
  4. Off

Off can be selected from any mode after about 10 seconds. The build-quality and and brightness are decent. The only thing negative I can say about this headlamp is that the light is slightly bluish with about a 7000 K color temperature and about 0C tint on the Cree scale. Not really off putting, and a muggle probably wouldn't even notice. A good headlamp to throw in a toolbox or the trunk of a car for occasional use. I would switch out the alkaleaks for Ni-MH or primary lithium batteries in this scenario.


No problem. BTW, I normally do not buy store bought lights. Unless 1000 lumens or more being my standard. The 2 pack USB powerbank/flashlight combo looked nice with silver color.

Yeah, I saw them at my local HD yesterday. The 4000 mAh capacity is on the low side for powerbank this size (2x18650), but not bad for the price, I guess.

I also wonder what they did to get 200 extra lumen out of that Defiant light. The one I got last year was rated 1,000 lm only.

Yeah they most likely cranked out 200 more lumens with better driver, led, heat sink.

BTW, I own last years 1000 lumen model x 2. There is a slight noticeable difference in output.

Ooh, before I forget. This light still accepts certain 26650 battery. Worked with some of my 26650 battery.

Yeah, I only have one 26650 cell (Shockli), and it doesn’t fit in this Defiant light.

Pete, The ones I use are purple shockli purple wrapped 4200 mAh and Digital Energy black/purple wrapped 3500 mAh.

The mah are lower standards BUT they do fit snug.