Re : Review Wuben A21 Apollo

Hello BLF flashlight lovers,

I would like to thank Wuben and Jelina( field representative) for sending Wuben A21 light for review.

Full disclaimer that Wuben provided review sample. No compensation other than keeping light after review.

Wuben enters the 21700 flashlight market release and it packs a BIG POWERHOUSE in the form of A21 : Apollo.

The packaging is NICELY represented with high quality storage type of case. The case magnetic flaps enclose flashlight and accessories inside. The shadow foam cutouts insulate and protect light and components from damage. On par with same type of packaging Apple uses for its products.

The contents of box include :

  1. Flashlight
  2. Instructions Manual with various different languages
  3. Warranty Card
  4. Storage Sheath
  5. Wuben Branded Lanyard
  6. USB Charging Cable
  7. Spare O rings
  8. Pocket Clip
  9. Wuben 21700 Lithium Ion 4800 mAh Battery
  10. Diffusser
  11. 18650 Battery Adapter Tube

The build quality on this flashlight is EXCELLENT. Aerospace grade aluminum along with GREAT anodizing protects flashlight from harsh environments light endures. Square threads with lubrication grease ensures smooth screwing and unscrewing tail cap. Firm brass tail cap spring greatly aids in conductivity from battery. O rings seals prevent any type of moisture entrance into flashlight. The front of flashlight head is encased by a stainless steel strike bezel. The strike bezel protects the toughen ultra hard lens and also serves as defensive tool. The pocket clip is rugged and not flimsy so flashlight can be attached easily with very little effort. The pocket clip hold has firm grip once attached.

The Engineering is well thought out and designed.

Reverse polarity protection : protects damage of flashlight if batteries are inserted backwards.

Intelligent temperature control circuit : shows temperature of light in real time. Allows control of light temperatures to prevent overheating and damage to flashlight.

The specifications as per ANSI/FL1 standards.

1.5 meters drop resistance
IPX68 rating : submersible under water 2 meters

The source is CREE XHP 70.2 LED with lifespan of 100,000 hours

The light has very good balance of flood and throw. Light beam pattern has decent hot spot and good spill for nice light balance. The maximum beam distance is 222 Meters.

A21 has 5 main modes

Turbo Mode : 4200 lumens 2 hours
High Mode : 1200 lumens 5 hours
Medium Mode : 400 lumens 8.5 hours
Low Mode : 130 lumens 20 hours
Moonlight Mode : 5 lumens 110 hours

Candela : 12854

* Please note output levels during testing using Wuben 21700 4800 mAh lithium ion battery*

The user interface of Wuben A21 is very simple to use.

The light is ramping style of light. All functions are controlled by side switch near head of flashlight.

To operate light :

Single click to turn light on

Press switch to cycle through light outputs. Moonlight, Low , Medium, High, Turbo

Instant Turbo accessed by double clicking when light is ” OFF ” position

Light also has lockout feature by triple clicking from ” OFF ” position . Another triple click deactivates ” lockout feature ”

I tested Wuben flashlight to ” harsh torture stress ” simulator conditions from everyday hardcore use.

Dropped flashlight off high bleecher seating onto concrete floor. No visible damage. Light still turns on. I cycled through all the modes with no problem.

Bounced flashlight against concrete wall. Flashlight fell to floor. Still turned on with no problems.

Dropped head down on stainless steel strike bezel. Not even a scratch on lens. Lens still intact not broken or cracked.

Ran over flashlight with Toyota Sienna Van. 6 Times total. In drive mode x 2, In reverse mode x 2, Complete drive over x 2 Light worked with no noticeable differences in output.

Dunked the flashlight in full bathtub for 1.5 hours. Removed light and disassembled. Light completely dry. Put light back together and light worked with no issues.

The last test is EXTREME but I had to do it. I put light in hot fry oil pan with flashlight turned on. Only 10-15 seconds though. I did not want an explosion .

Superb build quality and durability make Wuben A21 a TOP contender in the flashlight market industry today.

Thank you for reading review.

More information :

When testing the flashlight I found a new feature. It is not described in the manual. When the flashlight is on in standard mode, the triple click jump to Turbo mode. The next one click is to return to the previous mode. The same is true for Wuben E05.

Triple clicks activate ” lock out ” mode. Triple click again to deactivate ’ lock out ” mode. There might be extra modes/clicks not featured and considered ” so called ” semi hidden modes “.

Flashlight must be in power-on mode.

Thanks for the link

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