Re : Review Wuben E05 14500/AA 900 Lumen Rechargeable XPL 2 Flashlight

Hi BLF crew, The review for this light will be my very first and hopefully not last. I AM NOT a professional by no means. Just giving honest review and participating in this AWESOME hobby.

I would like to thank Wuben and Jelina( field representative) for sending E05 light for review.

Full disclaimer that Wuben provided review sample. No compensation other than keeping light after review.

OK, on to review of the Wuben E05 Rechargeable LED Flashlight.

The window box packaging with extremely useful information about the contents contained within box.

The contents of box include :

  1. Flashlight
  2. Instructions in various different languages
  3. Warranty Card
  4. Felt carry pouch with draw string
  5. Lanyard
  6. USB Charging Cable
  7. Spare O rings
  8. Dual direction pocket clip
  9. Wuben 14500 750 Mah Lithium Ion Battery USB Chargeable port
  10. Diffuser

The flashlight has great build quality and craftsmanship.

Aerospace grade aluminum anodized to protect from real life elements of world. The front has stainless steel bezel to protect lens. The lens has anti reflective coating. Pocket clip is permanently attached to body of flashlight. Dual direction clip makes easy for multiple clip positions when needed. The tail cap is magnetic so easy to attach to metal surfaces.

The specifications as per ANSI/F1 standards.

Light source is CREE XP-L2 for long term service.

130 meter light beam distance. Balance of throw and flood.

1.5 meter impact resistance
IPX68 submersible up to 2 meters

Turbo Mode 900 lumens 3 hours + 60 minutes
High Mode 150 lumens 3 hours
Medium Mode 30 lumens 11 hours
Low Mode 1 lumen 115 hours

Hidden Modes
Strobe, SOS

* Please note output levels using 14500 Lithium Ion Battery*

The installation of battery and user interface is extremely simple. The flashlight is ramping type with varying degrees.

1. To turn light on : Single click turns on light. Second click ramps up to medium. Third click ramps up to turbo. Double click in any mode activates strobe feature very easily. Click again to go to SOS mode.

2. To turn light off : Press and hold button for two seconds.

The beam pattern has decent center hot spot and very usable spill for balance of decent throw and flood beam for flashlight of this size.

The torture test provided this is of great build quality.

Dropped flashlight off high rooftop. No signs of chips or damage to flashlight. Still works through all modes when turned on.

Ran over light with Ford F150 truck. 4 times 2 times in drive mode. 2 times in reverse mode. No damage or scratches, dents, etc…. Still working through all modes.

Submerged flashlight in 5 foot swimming pool for 1 hour. Removed and unscrewed flashlight. All components completely dry . Re assembled flashlight. Still worked.

Froze light in block of ice still turned on. Light still on after breaking away frozen ice block.

All I can say is “WOW ” !!! Wuben is a great flashlight alternative for those needing quality flashlights in their collection.


Thanks for read guys.

Good review!! I got a couple of these today & I am amazed…… :open_mouth:

This is a great light!!!

Receiving mine via Amazon Sunday. I will be impresed if it really kicks out 1000 lumens.

Got it last night. Bright little wonder of a light. Looks like it can reach 1000 lumens to me.

I desire pictures

Did you deep-fry it? As in hot oil, french-fries, the works? No? Then it doesn’t count. :laughing:

Dunno, I like my lights, so the worst I do to them is give them stern looks.

I just got mine the other day and it’s quite impressive for its size. Wish the diffuser glowed in the dark after the light is turned off though. I was under the impression it did.

You know what? I forgot that test. I will try it out in my next light review. Btw, light will taste like french fries flavor. Ha ha.

I wish I can. I am not a PRO like a lot of reviewers with top notch equipment.

E05 looks like 1000 lumens. So impressive. I like it a lot, minus the titnt like everyone else.

And since there are a lot of comments about the tint on the E05, I can show that while it has a lot of tint shift and green throughout, E05 could be much worse like this Skylumen D4S which is totally green. Outside the Wuben is pretty white while that Skylumen is hopelessly horrid green.

Thanks for the kind words. I wanted to contribute to this great hobby. Any company need lights reviewed? Please send them my way.

I hope to someday produce my own flashlight. I have Engineering degree I can put to good use. Other than my paying job. LOLZ.

Cell phone cameras work just fine for picture taking.

Not if you fo not have latest and greatest phone out there.

I might have to dig out my camera once I find it.

I do not have lumen meter. BUT this light measures up to my Powertac, Olight, Nitecore, Home Depot, etc…. rated at 1000 lumens easy.

Any way to take out the magnet in the tail cap?

Blinded by the light.

I guess the retaining ring on the tail can be unscrewed to be removed. Those 2 grooves, maybe you can try to unscrew it with nose some pliers or pointu tweezers!

With a Luxeon V (right), beam and tint improve :wink: There are some artifacts, still, but I can live with those! A piece of diffuser would help reducing that, but it also diminishes the “throw”!

Asked because one web page mentioned possibly by removing a “divot”, but I don’t see any such thing.

My pleasure…… Good luck on producing your own light brand!!

Maybe one day that can be your “paying job”!! :+1: … :wink: