Really low budget light

Just ordered a couple of these - which cost me about the same as one Duracell AA would here. Fine for leaving at work - and I may even be pleasantly surprised by them when they arrive. They have a vaguely Fenix-like appearance so they may be nicer than I'm expecting. Wonder how long they'll take to arrive.

Some more lights as well. Even a $9 zoom light - seems to look the same as all the others - pity it uses 3AAA and a carrier.

It looks cool and you definitely can't beat the price.

I have found that with eBay sellers who use that picture of a black 1xAA light, you could receive almost anything. One time I ordered a few lights with a picture just like that, and I received this instead, which is actually a high-quality light. But another time I received some that looked somewhat similar, but they had a slippery, shiny black finish which looked like plastic but was actually poor quality painted aluminum. And I threw them out or gave them away, because they flickered constantly and were total junk.

My #1 recommendation for an ultra-cheap 1xAA light is the Powerlight, which actually has one of the most usable, nicest looking beam and the longest runtime of all my lights.

There always is that chance - the picture looks exactly like the Powerlight - I have one on order from DX just now. I thought that for the money it was worth a try. After all, two of them cost about the same as a good alkaline here.

It'll be interesting to see what I get when it eventually arrives.

Keep us posted......

So Don, did you get the light in the picture or something else? What was the outcome of this deal?

One was OK - but I appear to have lost it somewhere, the other was too short for an AA - I had to jam the tailcap back on but it works and is brighter than the Powerlight. There is quite a bit of discussion of it there. the last dozen or so posts are about it.