Rebel maglite switch

Is the retaining screw in the rebel maglite switch the same as in the old incan versions ?

The reason i ask is the allen key i used to undo my incan light doesn't seem to fit the switch on my rebel maglite

All sorted just had to grind a little off of the allen key. Forgot maglite was in imperial :-)

Yes, it's a 5/64" hex key you need

Not anymore. New mags, LED or incan, use a Torx screw. The problem is that the hole in the switch is too small for almost all torx drivers that size. For me, it was easiest to just take the same hex wrench I use on the older lights and grind the end down to what looks like a flat blade screwdriver. And you should be able to use it to loosen the set screw.

When all else fails.....use a hammer. :D


The rebel maglites uses a T8 torx screw. Most T8 torx screwdrivers or bits I seen at Sears, Orchard, Home Depot or Lowes will not work because the barrel is bigger than the T8 it will not fit inside the small hole on the mag switch...I bought a cheap torx set and used a dremel to grind down the barrel really thin to fit the small hole on the switch.

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I didn't know that - thanks for the notice. Could have caused me no end of trouble wondering why at 5/64" hex key didn't work...