Reccomend me a Baton Light

Why do I want one ? Strictly as a last resort self defense option during a night graveyard shift.

Maglight 5-6D ?

From up to down (mouse over for zoomie in extended mode):

- Extendable zoomie model is handy and inexpensive (but not as well built than Gladiator).

- SF Gladiator (shown with M3 head) is good, but quite expensive. Allows you to select drop-in / head of your taste.

- Baseball bat & Mace are not something you would like to carry, I think.. ;)

Umm how about something that doesn’t look like a baseball bat or baton lol


Hahahaha. Maybe something with more mass lol

Any thoughts on maglites ? I got 5 brand new duracell D cells lying around so maybe a 5D mag ?

Sorry, couldn’t resist.
I have the gladiator, it comes with a great holster and isn’t too big - you could wear it comfortably under a medium length coat out of sight and it is solidly built. There are cheaper clones of it floating around for about half the price.

2-3 cells in series multi-emitter flashlight. Like Trustfire 3T6 or J18 maybe?

I rather like the mace. My girlfriend needs one just to put in a drawer and forget about unless someone is trying to break in. I tried to convince her to just get a little .22lr, but she is convinced a 130lb girl waving around a 4D maglite is going to stop an intruder :expressionless:
Where did you find the mace at? I need to find one with some longer spikes for maximum “effectiveness” 8)

I would NOT go for one that actually looks like a weapon. Batons are illegal in many places apparently.

Instead, go for a flashlight that is just a flashlight and that is its only purpose, that just happens to be able to bash someone’s head in… For me the TK70 fit the bill nicely. Good length due to 4xD. Huge throw and big output with quite good runtime.

Legal or illegal, it will never leave the house. It would strictly be a “life or death” situation weapon for self-defense against someone who has broken into the house. I’m reading more about these batons and its kind of funny how you can own and carry around a handgun easier than you can a night stick/baton. :stuck_out_tongue: crazy!

The TK70 would definitely bash someone’s head in, but I’m sure there is a cheaper alternative.

Like This

It was from DX, ordered Sep/2011. It's now sold out, but there's another similar with name Banyou. Probably can be found cheaper at eBay though.

Mace is actually quite a thrower, see beam shots at JM's review here.