Reccomend me a flash light

Hi friends ,
Im with a very poor knowledge regarding flashlight .
I need a good wide beam flood thrower that can throw really bright white beam at 300mts away so that I can easily find out small animals like rabbit at that spot in dark night
It should be :

  1. quite handy

2. with good run time

3. Could be operated with aa/D or rechargeablel
4.with side switch (as found in common maglites)
5. of any reputed make .
My budget is as cheap as possible .
Hope you would help me to find my desired flashlight .
Regards .

Hi ,
Thank you …
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Hi. You cant really get a flood and thrower in the same package unless its some monstrous torch like a TK70 that puts out insane lumens…
300 metres is really in a throwers category…It is hard to find AAs that can throw that far maybe the fenix TK41 can and it will fit the bill but the TK41 does not come in cheap. Minimum you can get away with it $105.

You need to define cheap.
Main uses for you flashlight. (besides rabbit hunting??)
Im just average here and im sure other posters will have other options in the AA/D format you are seeking.

And lastly, WELCOME :d

Hi ,
Thank you for your reply .
I need such a flash light not to hunt but to watch small animals in my farm house that is by a river and forest . Su ch animals are neeed to watched always . Besides its my long wish to have such a helpful flashlight as it would help in so many ways in my place.

Ive seen fenix tk70, soooo large to handle and tk41 is not so helpful in that distance .
Im not for only AA or D cells also rechargeable or 18650 cells are equally welcome .
Im ready to spend around $ 100 / 125 if find the percect one bit pfcourse the less the better for me .

L3 Illuminator K40 if you are willing to use li-ions.

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For 300 meters I would think a HID would be best, 2100 will probably suggest something if he comes across this thread.

But you aren’t going to find anything small that will throw that far.

If you have an incan Maglite already, a LED drop-in can improve the performance of the light. What light do you use now?

For AA batteries, the Fenix E40 is a decent performer. Narrow beam though.

For D cells, the Varapower Maglite mods are nice, but probably way above what you want to pay.

There are some nice 18650 throwers. At ~$100, the Dereelight Nightmaster could work (narrow beam, no spill). Crelant also has some throwers too.

Actually I don’t think I could even think I could see a rabbit 300 meters away unless I had a binoculars or a scope, then it would be hard to handle a flashlight at the same time.

What purpose do you plan on using it for, hunting?

Thank you for your reply .
Can fenix E40 do it clearly ?
Varapower is quite costly .
Night master makers also confirmed me that the famous flashlight throws a very tiny beam .
Ive not heard of Clearnt .
Hope you would definately suggest me the best for me .
Recently I use a commonly available britelite rechargeable that can throw beam at max 110mts though the company claims 1450 mts .

Ive already informed that its for watching my farm house that is by a river and forest and often small animals are watched for crops et c and its my dream to have such a powerful flashlight that would help in so many ways as walking throw forest etc .
And friend , I think its not bad to have such one while I live in such a lace .
And I dont hurt animals . To say clearly , I live on veg .

I think there are some good $100 throwers out there. I don’t know about 300m but the folks here will know if anyone does.

I think maybe 300 meters might be overkill for your needs, at 100 meters it would be hard to make out a small animal even in the day time.

This might give you some idea of 300 meters.

Click the image to enlarge.

Another similar topic might here help too.

Hi friend ,
Thank you for your reply.
Ive a flashlight that throws about 110 mts but its not helpful for me . If I can find any flashlight at that range , it would really help me . To say visulising rabbit , I mean I want something that can make me things really visuable just like broadday light at that point as it would help to protect my crops from small animals which I need . Besides its my dream tp have such a flash light . Hope I have made you clear about my purpose ….

This is pretty good then if you need the 300 meters but its costly ($119)

There is a 10% off code on the forum somewhere I think.

I read the thread you mentioned … Thanks for your help.

Thers a few ssuggestions about few cheaps too within $50 or so . Ill see them all . I think crelant 7g5 v2 , small sun , tn 31 , fandyfire etc are to be considered .

I can recommend Klarus XT11.
I has quite a lot of spill and throws quite far - almost at par with Xeno G42.
It uses 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123, or 2 x RCR16340.
I just love this light.Plus it is very compacr.DD has them for $69.99.
With a 10% coupon the price is around $62.