Reccomendation Request: Looking for an EDC Light that is essentially the D4 with one emitter

As stated in the title, I’m in search of my ideal EDC light.

I’m currently switching back and forth between my D4 Nichia and my 4C XPL Hi S2+.

I love the single emitter of the S2+, and the heft to the tube is nice. I don’t feel like I have to worry about denting it if I drop it. My only concern is the length and the tail switch/physical switch.

For the D4, I love the e-switch and the UI/programmability and the length, I don’t mind the finish, and while the quad emitters are lovely, they do reduce the practicality of the light’s runtime. The regulated mode is also a bit low.

So here’s what I would love in an ideal light:

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • short length
  • e-switch
  • programmable MCU
  • (bonus) constant current driver (boost/buck/both)

If it weren’t for my desire for a programmable MCU (I’m on a quest for all of my similar lights to have a similar UI, all tail switch on Biscotti, all e-switch on Andruil) I would go for one of the zebralights that fits my tint and flood tastes best.

I would appreciate any input you might be able to provide!

Thank you!

It sounds like you’re describing a Zebralight.

not modable, as pressed bezel you got to stick with the LED and its a tint lottery
driver fully pottet not flashable

And it’s $100! I’d be willing to pay that much for a perfect light.

I am building drivers in many sizes, maybe you find a host with proper size and so on then driver swap

definately flashable MCU with Narsil or Anduril

Closest stock light you can get to what you are requesting is an Emisar D1. It has the D4 UI and a single emitter.

Downside is the head is noticeably larger than the D4’s head. I personally find it too large for pocket EDC.

Alternatively you could buy a driver with the D4 UI already flashed (Mountain Electronics sells them), and then install into into the single-emitter side-switch light of your choice.

I’m definitely up for something custom. Are there any good e-switch only hosts that have common parts for the optics? Some of Astrolux’s hosts look nice, but I don’t know what optics fit. I’d prefer TIR I think.

And I agree, the D1 has a bit too big of a head, and is too throwy for an EDC.

Are there single emitter TIRs for the D4?

I’ve installed D4 drivers into Sofirn SP10s. But those are 1xAA sized lights. I haven’t yet done an install in a 1x18650 light.

As far as I know, there aren’t any single-emitter optics that would fit into a D4. The problem is the height: A Carclo triple emitter optic is just 7mm tall. A similar diameter single emitter optic would be much taller.

One more note if it helps find a light, I don’t mind the length of the S2+ overall. I just prefer the shorter length. The magnet ring in the s2+ is also nice.

DQG 18650? I bought one about three years ago. Still love it. It works and looks like new. But I never drop it.

That definitely looks interesting. I wonder how hackable it is?

So I have a sofirn sp32a and the dqg light on order. Hopefully I can upgrade the driver on one to satisfy me!

Yes the DQG tiny 18650 4th is much improved from the original but is as small as it can go. I especially love it’s UI. simple and easy to use. One click is low. Two is medium, three is high. And hold for one sec brings turbo. Its TIR lens is my favorite type. Very lovely beam out of it. I use it way more than many more expensive lights like HDS systems, which is as big but uses a cr123. Oh, did I say the tint is awesome? I have the neutral white, which is more toward warm. Lovely tint!

I thought of this when I read your post:

Nice resource! I’m not above designing my own driver PCBs with more expensive components than what you would find in cheaper production lights, either.

Hm? I’m not sure I understand your objection. Quad emitters can be pushed harder than a single emitter (if you can still wick away the heat fast enough), and should actually be more efficient than a single emitter.

It’s just like the question of a single emitter at 10% pwm being less efficient, vs a single emitter being driven at a constant 10% of the current being more efficient.

The same current being split 4 ways lets each emitter be a bit more efficient at the same total current you’d feed a single emitter. Just don’t drive it as hard, and you should extend the runtime.

Unless maybe it’s too floody and you need to crank it up to get a higher intensity of light at what you’re looking at?

Huh, I never thought about it that way. I guess I was thinking of current X having to be pushed through 4 times the lights, so 4X the current. Now that I think about it, it does make sense. Maybe I’ll have to look at reducing the ramp max and locking full-out to turbo mode.

That should work, too. :smiley: