Reccomendations for a SOLID AA light?

Yes, this is another thread from a noob asking for a recommendation. Please be patient. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a very solid, bright AA flashlight for EDC. I cover breaking news at night (shootings, stabbings, the like) for a paper and want a flashlight that I can keep in my pocket 24/7. I’m looking to replace a Fenix E21 that I lost. I liked how solid the E21 was, I could have hammered a nail with it, but I’d like something a bit brighter. I like the 2x AA design because they are the perfect size- small enough to fit in a pocket but big enough to use as a kubotan if necessary.

I’ve tried cheap lights like the $4 FordEx CREE lights from Amazon. I like how bright they are, but I wouldn’t trust them if I NEEDED my light to work.

What I’m after:

  • Solid construction- something that will always turn on when I need it and can survive abuse.
  • Takes 2x rechargeable AA batteries. 1xAA is too small and 3xAA ends up too wide or too long
  • Bright. I’d like something a bit brighter than the E21’s 154 lm but know I’ll be limited by price and power source.
  • Water resistant. I live in Florida. We have swamps and hurricanes. :slight_smile:
  • Somewhere is the range of $30-40.

I’ve looked at the UltraFire WF-606A 230 Lm ($20), the Armytek Partner A2 XM-L 330 LM ($45), and the Klarus P2A XP-G R5 245 Lumen ($35). I’ve read the reviews on this forum on them and lots of other lights.

I’d like to know 1) if anyone has experience with these lights that could shed some light on whether they would fit my needs and 2) if anyone has a suggestion of a light they have used that would better fit my needs.

I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience!

Olight s15

Klarus P2A is a very solid light that has all the features that I like in a 2xAA. Its amazingly bright for just 2AA’s and it is very solid. The walls are pretty thick alumninum and it probably could be used as a kubaton easily. I got a couple of mine for $23 each from the Banggood promo (don’t think its active anymore), and for that price its a steal.

Long story short: Klarus P2A is awesome

Be sure to ask for Discount:

8% Coupon BLF

I'd rebuy the Fenix e21

I have lots of 2x AA lights and agree that the mode spacing and brightness levels won't blow anyone away .That said ...I love the fit finish and feel of it .It has a bit of throw and a very useful beam pattern.

If I lost mine I'd definately buy another

other lights I like are :

4/7s 2X AA turbo xpg

Fenix LD 22

Olight T25

Don't like the feel of the Ld20 klarus or the jetbeam

The tactical 2xAA quarks have that funky 4/7's green tint

but the lumens suck, he can easily get double that

Dereelight Javelin with an XP-G R5 pill and orange peel reflector. And if you get bored of that you can change the reflector and pill as the javelin uses P60 style dropins.

Yeah but double the lumens doesn't means squat

and the lux on these lights doesn't suck. It actually has some throw .

this endless thought that a few more lumens means a brighter light is just stupid sales crap .

It takes 4 times the amount of lumens to get a perceived doubling of brightness .

If you can't see the difference who cares about some stupid number .

This principle is never made any clearer than to people who have the fenix E21 already.....The low mode is 54 lumens and there isn't much difference between the high at 170 and 54 lumens to your eye (to your brain)same as there wouldn't be enough difference between 170 and 400 lumens ..So this endless stupid discussion can go on and on and on forever about how many more lumens this or that light has ....but the truth of it is ...It really doesn't matter as much as how the light feels in your hand ,or if you like the U.I. ,or if it has a cappy low pwm etc ..

Anyone who who wants to disagree with this principle can just argue with reality. BLF is endlessly over-run with people who want to replace a t6 with a u2 to get an imperceptible amount of light ...(crazy) A noobs first dumb question is always the same one ..he wants the brightest light out there .So why do WE continually to ask the same question he's asking .It's a childishly, foolish noob question ..Sure we all want a brighter light .But lets get real and understand what the truth really is here .Lets put things (lumens) in perspective and stop BSing ourselves simply for bragging rights .

If you want to spend money for something you can't see .. let me give you my paypal

I couldn’t disagree with you more
First apologies for hijacking this thread
If your only going to look in a closet with a spotlight then doubling the lumens won’t help much because you are correct that the relationship is not linear and your looking at a saturated spot of light in a small space.
The lower you go the bigger the difference, the difference between 20 and 40 lumens is a lot more perceptible then that of 400 vs 800 in a small space.
Outdoors in large spaces adding lumens is far more noticeable because they are so much more dispersed, if you have a 105C driven light try it out and you will notice a big difference between low, medium and high

I had moved into a place in January that had 2 x 60W bulbs and it was driving me crazy due to low brightness, i was used to brighter in the last place so i replaced them with 23W CFLs (1600 lumens to 3200) and not only did i notice it but the landlord came by a month later and commented that the room was brighter and i mentioned that i am also cutting the energy used in half

I agree its diminishing returns, but its foolhardy to say the returns are not there or are negligible unless your using said light in small spaces. Also one could blind an attacker from a farther distance with a brighter light and the more distance between you and an assailant the better

Also keep in mind your saying we should all just get a 1AA light so no need for lithium, since we can do exactly the same thing with an xm-l2 driven at 350mA
While your at it you should also convince cities to cut the power output of street lights in half since we won’t notice the difference, then they can cut our taxes (or more likely increase their own salaries)

+1 on the Javelin - it's a fantastic light. Good 2AA P60 modules are pretty scarce though. The XP-E from Dereelight is my favourite but YMMV. The P60 format also gives you other dropin options. Although I know you said you didn't want 3AA there is an optional extension tube and the Javelin isn't unwieldy with 3AA. You can then run a much wider range of dropins designed for single Li-Ion lights.

Solarforce has body and tube combinations that can be combined suit 2AA but they look a bit odd as they are designed for 18650/16340 sized cells.

The Shadow Mini TC6 is an XM-L 2AA. I have the neutral version. Very solidly built with an exceptionally useful beam. The 3-mode (H, L, Strobe) doesn't annoy me as much as I expected. A very under-rated light.

Foursevens Quarks are well regarded - especially the turbo head XM-L models but they could be a bit outside your price range.

The Armytek Smart series are fantastic lights on paper - but they only exist on paper at this time. I'd expect them to be a very high quality light when they eventually are released but unfortunately Armytek are as well known for their inaccurate ETAs as they are for their robust build quality. The more budget "Partner" series has recieved good reviews.

Not sure about the Olight S15. I have one on the way. The S10 I have is one of my favourite lights, though some have found the greenish tint off-putting.

2AA still has a place as long as you keep your expectations about output realistic. Unfortunately, market pressure dictates that these lights are usually designed to perform satisfactorily on Alkaline cells which keeps ultimate lumen output down. I'd seriously look at 3AA P60 options if you want to stick to NiMH and need something with a little more punch.

I own the E-21 and the Klarus P2A. The Klarus is a nice light but you will be disappointed if you are looking for a solid feeling light coming from the E-21. The Fenix is one of the most solid 2AA lights I have even felt. It feels like a solid bar in your hand. No other light is going to feel as solid.

The Klarus gets more use around my house because it is lighter more floody. The Fenix is a better thrower and mine at least has a better tint than my Klarus. The Fenix E-21 can be improved by adding a 14500 and a dummy cell. That’s how mine is set up for use around the house and yard. Runtime sucks but it does boost up the brightness a bit. Nothing drastic but you can notice it.

If you are going to EDC it, the Pelican 1920 penlight is hands down my fav penlight. It is 2AAA and built very solid. I have EDC carried mine for almost two years at work and it has held up great. It has never ever has a single problem.

Many good choices mentioned.
Another option, Shiningbeam Caveman.
Fits your criteria. Very solid, h20 resistant, bright, and price range.

Good luck with your decision.

I own both. They use 2AA batteries. They are tough.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and sharing your expertise! I’ll be looking at the models suggested and coming to a decision.

also check out the Jetbeam PA20. Both Great Lights, although the Nitecore is a little thinner in diameter and lighter than the E21

I have owned several 2AA lights and they very handy. Good bridge between brightness and useability while using AA NiMh batteries.
Far and away my favorite is the Shingingbeam Caveman. Slightly larger than a few of the others but not by much. Built like a tank and 3 very useable modes.

… but at the chemical factory where I work sometimes, they issue the StreamLight ProTac® 2AA. I have a 2L which SWMBO and I both lust after mightily (HF gas in the CR123 batteries bedamned)…

The ProTac® 2AA works very well, if you don’t mind the length, which you say you don’t. I’d have to assume the ProTac® 1AA would also be quite bright and easy to use…

StreamLight seems to be having a hard time settling on a UI, but the ones at the plant and SWMBO’s 2L are very nice. Momentary-ON switches, the Modes start in High, and includes blinking, which you should find useful in traffic.

And speaking of “First Responders”, StreamLight makes a ProTac® EMS which, if presented to an uncooperative scene commander, might get you front-row seating someday… Just sayin’…

If it's solid, where do you put the battery? Do you tape it to the outside? 0:)

Seems like noones recommended the mag light pro+ if you get it and the night ize coicky tail cap its perfect. Its been one of my edc’s for almost a year.

Nitecore mt21a. I just bought one recently, and i’m happy with it.