Reccomendations for a SOLID AA light?

I have owned several 2AA lights and they very handy. Good bridge between brightness and useability while using AA NiMh batteries.
Far and away my favorite is the Shingingbeam Caveman. Slightly larger than a few of the others but not by much. Built like a tank and 3 very useable modes.

… but at the chemical factory where I work sometimes, they issue the StreamLight ProTac® 2AA. I have a 2L which SWMBO and I both lust after mightily (HF gas in the CR123 batteries bedamned)…

The ProTac® 2AA works very well, if you don’t mind the length, which you say you don’t. I’d have to assume the ProTac® 1AA would also be quite bright and easy to use…

StreamLight seems to be having a hard time settling on a UI, but the ones at the plant and SWMBO’s 2L are very nice. Momentary-ON switches, the Modes start in High, and includes blinking, which you should find useful in traffic.

And speaking of “First Responders”, StreamLight makes a ProTac® EMS which, if presented to an uncooperative scene commander, might get you front-row seating someday… Just sayin’…

If it's solid, where do you put the battery? Do you tape it to the outside? 0:)

Seems like noones recommended the mag light pro+ if you get it and the night ize coicky tail cap its perfect. Its been one of my edc’s for almost a year.

Nitecore mt21a. I just bought one recently, and i’m happy with it.

I would really recommend Nitecore EC25W, which I know is a 18650 light and you are looking for a AA light. But listen.

EC25W is a little thicker than 2AA lights but shorter (~12.5cm instead of 15-16 cm long). It fits nicely in almost any pocket. It is a lot more powerful than 2AA lights (~200ish lumens) at around 800-900 lumens. Build quality is very high. UI is great. Beam is perfect on my sample with good throw and good spill. In fact it is my favorite stock light even though it does not have a lower low mode (at around 5 lumen) (right now it is 65 lumens). I like it even better than my trusty zebralight SC600 because EC25W has much better throw.

It is also the best bang for the money at ~$50. Worth every penny.

Here is the mini review. Nitecore EC25 Cobra

I have a pair of the 220s and they’re both sturdy and bright. They make a 300 or so lumen version too that I haven’t used but have heard good things about. I keep one of the lights in my car, and this would be my light I’d grab again if I ever go through another disaster (flooding) like I did before.

right now at Battery Junction for $19.99 this weekend.

Also Nitecore MT21A on sale there for $23, and Jetbeam PA20 for less than $25.

If anyone is looking for a 2AA light, these are Great Prices; best I have seen.

By far my favorite 2AA flashlight is the Niteye Eye 12.
See it on their Homepage: Niteye Eye 12
If you’ve ever used a light with a magnetic control ring, you don’t wanna miss this ever again! :wink:

How about a Sunwayman D20A? Different shape than the tube lights mentioned. Also, not quite as bright at 208 lumens rated, but higher than the E21.

When talking about a tool that you use for work, resist the temptation to treat it like a toy purchase and consider spending whatever you need to give you the best performance.

Don’t find yourself back in the position you are in now, buy two or three lights in case one fails or gets lost in the future. Keep a decent cheap light in all your cars like a $6 SK68 clone with a 10 year alkaline battery. Carry two lights, such as the tiny keyring 1xAAA (my EDC Olight i3S) and something with more power and throw like a Zebralight SC52 (1x AA).

Klarus PA2 gets lots of praise from heavy users, and the D20A above sounds pretty nice as I really like having a low power red option to save my night vision and that of others (You can see fine to get around and read papers etc, but not bother anybody).

Klarus RS1A maybe, why not :slight_smile:

Very good suggestions, and as for the Terrralux 220…I have one, and if you like the form factor, jump on the sale price! 2 speed, no useless blinkies, and a good belt/pocket clip.

Covering a train wreck for a large Western daily, I saw the error of my ways one dark and stormy night, (really) when I had no light with me!
One is none, and two is one! Because for sure, one will fail you, and at the worst possible time! Lighthound sells its own brand of “Offshore” lights, a single AA and a 2AA, which might make a good combination.

Having been bitten, but not envenomated by some sort of serpent, growing up in Fla., sitting on another while playing soldier in the wilds of Florida, and having caught a respectable size Coral Snake crossing my road, a good light is a necessity! Unless you are trained, and a I mean really well, pepper spray is a better alternative than a Kubotan, especially for dogs! Longer range, and you can give the miscreant a second shot before you leave the area with speed and enthusiasm!

Just me, but they didn’t pay enough to risk bodily harm while covering a story!

If you want reliable, robust, and reasonably compact, the good old Maglite AA LED, with, as suggested, a clicky tailcap is a goodness. All of my Mags have a tailcap clicky of some sort on them, as well as LED drop ins. Very satisfactory run time, and reasonably bright. I’d suggest a Kroll or similar water-resistant clickie, for obvious reasons.

Good luck, and stay safe!

anyone tried one of these?

oops! here it is… Review: SolarForce T2

Well, i don’t get it, why you don’t simply get one of these Niteyes… :~
Especially the light i mentioned, the Eye 12 - is absolutely perfect for your demands - really! :quest:

I was just browsing doingoutdoor’s website and this one struck me as a very bright for 2xAA. Discussion on it here and here and here.

if it (Crilant spec 450lmao) is really as double as bright as the Fenix LD22 (Fenix spec 215lm), then it is the brightest 2xAA light in the universe

nitecore mt21a

I’m not a fan of this light, it does maybe 300 lumens, the switch is very stiff and only opens at the headcap. Oh and mine makes sizzling/hissing noises in the driver every now and then