Received my Fenix TK70 today...Mini Review with pics and beamshots

Well I finally received my Fenix TK70 from China today. I won it from an eBay auction for $125. I was pretty excited to get one for such a low price and the wait definitely paid off. Honestly, I was a little worried at first that I might be getting scammed because of the low price, but obviously my fears were unfounded. This thing is BRIGHT. I'm pretty sure you could have used this thing in WW2 as a searchlight in London. I'm glad I bought 4 Tenergy Centura LSD NiMH D-cells and a nice Tenergy charger for this light, because it will definitely go through batteries like there is no tomorrow!

Here's the package as I received it from the post office. The packaging was definitely smaller than expected for such a large light, but it was undamaged.

Here's the TK70 removed from the packaging. As I have come to expect from Fenix products, the packaging was top notch and kept the item from being damaged in transit.

I'm really digging the bronze patina on this particular light. I guess this must be some new type of hard anodizing technique. My hat's off to Fenix for being such innovators in the field.

Now that its out of it's protective packaging, you can really appreciate the machining quality of this light. I couldn't find any machine marks or light anodizing. The switches are soft and have a positive feel. The threads are tight with no play. The threads and o-rings are well oiled.

A close up of the excellent machining:

Here it is compared to the Fenix PD22S2 and an el-cheapo 3 LED AAA flashlight. It's almost a little unwieldy in size, but its still manageable:

Here's a shot of the 3 lights at their maximum setting to give you an idea of the relative brightness. The PD22S2 in the middle has a maximum output of 200 lumens. Obviously, the TK70 on the right just blows it out of the water, but I would expect this with 3 XM-L's and 4 NiMH D-cells:

Here is a beam comparison shot between the Fenix PD22S2 and the Fenix TK70 from about 3 feet against a beige wall. The camera settings were f2.4, ISO 400, white balance corrected for daylight. As you can see in the beamshot, there are no artifacts at all and even though there are 3 XM-L emitters with their own reflectors, the beam pattern is still very uniform with a bright hotspot in the center. Fenix obviously put a lot of time into the reflector geometry to achieve such a feat.

Fenix TK70:

Fenix PD22S2:

Finally, here is a beamshot showing how this light can turn a regular ceiling tile as white as a sheet of paper. Even in a brightly lit office, this light was a shining beacon and got the attention of quite a few coworkers.

Overall, the TK70 was well worth the $125 I paid. I would wholeheartedly recommend this light to anybody looking for a light with excellent flood and throw.

That is one of the funniest posts I have seen in a while. :P

lol nice man

but I’m with Scaru… Thats funny, way to keep a sense of humor.

Nice review. I had to suppress a couple laughs to keep from getting weird looks. Hope PayPal got you your $$ back.

I can’t see the pictures. Looks like you are a happy TK70 owner. TK70 is not necessary a flashlight, it can be anything. :bigsmile:

HAHAHHAHAH that’s the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. Way to be positive about the situation.
Good luck with Paypal, hope it all works out.

Great write up, Thanks
Looking foward to more of your work!

Hey, you forgot to measure the tail currents :wink:

Just wait until you see the amazing photos of his light...

My wife has just gone to bed but I just couldn’t hold it in… I just woke her up for laughing so loud :smiley:

Awesome post and great sense of humour, I just love it…

On a more serious note, I hope you manage to get it sorted and get your money back.

All the best mate


Tell me that was a joke..

You didnt order a Tk70..And you didnt receive a street vendor left over Kimodo Dragon made of recycled Coke cans..

Yeah, I paid $125 for a TK70 and got that dragon. Luckily, I realized it was a scam when the seller was unregistered from eBay and promptly got my money back. So I got a free ridiculous dragon earring out of it!

I had to suppress a couple laughs to keep from getting weird looks.

Glad to hear that you got your money back. I really like the way you wrote this up :slight_smile:

troll post? I’m marking it as SPAM.

Well, by far, the best shot is where the beam hits that ceiling light!!! I'd offer you 500 for it but I wouldn't want to take advantage of you!!! Thanks for the smiles. Dan.

Nice one! Glad you got your money back. :)


Got a link to your auction?