Received my XinTD C8 and it came with a slight blemish

I ordered a XinTD C8 (3-Mode) from intloutdoor in Neutral White. (I also bought a DRY NW and a P-60 drop-in, which I will post about possibly later tonight.)

The anodizing and color on this light is very good for the price. The lanyard is bright silver and it's pretty nice overall. The threads are all smooth and the o-rings are all the right size. I really like the High-Med-Low arrangement as well. The light is a must have in my opinion.

I was so happy and impressed with this light until I was quickly saddened when I looked at the logo on one side of the battery tube. At first I thought it was just a fancy logo shadow but after looking closer I can tell it isn't right. I have contacted intloutdoor with a polite e-mail stating my issue so hopefully I can get a blemish free one. This light is just to perfect to have a blemish like this make it appear less than what it is. I am not bashing intloutdoor in any way; I know these things happen from time to time. This is a great light so I just figured I would post some pictures and tell my story and hopefully everything gets sorted out.

Might have future collector value, like a mis-printed penny.

Good luck with the exchange, but I doubt it will go up in value. :P

never heard of XinTD and will never buy a XinTD (i do discriminate new players with arbitrary branded names and no track record). i'd ask for a partial refund, get over it, and then move on


Never heard of XinTD? They make arguable the best C8 made. I think they have a pretty good track record as well. I would like to order more of them because they are very nice. This one just happened to arrive with a blemish.

Of course he heard of it, he practically is just sitting in his chair and post all day on BLF.

Anyway, ask for a new tube.

Exactly! Ask for a new body tube and if they don’t have them then exchange the whole light. I would rather have a chip in the ano or a dent in the tail or bezel than have to look at that blemish. You are well within reason to request replacement on that puppy.

Ask for partial refund and then..

a) Wrap it in grip tape, or that stuff that they use in tennis rackets.

b) Sand blast it

c) realize that you will get a new light next week and probably stick it in the trunk/drawer and forget about it

Still sucks though

I'd just keep it, its unique and cooler than everyone else's regular XinTD C8's.

Yeah, looks strange, but I wouldn't even emailed them. Bad logo isn't a bad finish, etc. If they can partially refund or send a new tube - great, if not, forget about it and enjoy your new light ;) (remember that in the dark, the logo isn't seen :bigsmile: )

I'd try and remove the logo. What does XinTD mean anyway?

thanks ;)

In my e-mail I requested just the body tube. So hopefully they will be able to do that. If not I will most likely gift it or sell it. This light needs to be shown off. Don't need somebody bashing it for have a double printed logo. Plus it looks kind of tacky. I actually think my girlfriend is more annoyed by it than I am. Not sure if the whole "unique" quality works with this situation so hopefully I get a new tube.

That's how I feel. lol

It's like a badge of honor on a light you use. When I order in bulk for myself and others, I always keep the most scratched ones. I feel less guilty tearing up a good tool that already was "initiated." And those tend to be better lights. The shiny ones may bite the dust early. :-p

It is a collectors item Tongue Out

Serious i find that a bit lazy no one seen that before shipping, and since I'm a bit lazy i give away a hell of a lot of flash lights due to me being unhappy with the finish or LEDs out of line or real under peformers, its easier and it makes some one happy who has not seen a high power XML light before. I have one of these one my to buy list, but Ive had a couple of bad dealings with the seller, every thing worked out in the end but i still remember it and i see so many others of late having problems.

It's a flashlight, you will only use it in the dark and no one will notice the logo..

I also like gifting flashlights but not 18650 lights. Hank offered me $5 or to return the tube and get a new one. I figured it wasn't worth the wait/hassle so I accepted the $5. So now I think I might end up selling it or just hanging onto it as light to toss around and not worry about.

Thats a bit ruff, hit it with some sand paper or you could get it anodized for a custom look or use it as a bush hack, thats why i like my TR-1200 beat the hell out of it and buy a new host for 10 bucks and it is a new light all over again.

Dude, you got the Custom Shop version with the 3-D logo !!! They will probably realize the mistake and want you to ship the tube and exchange it. This is not a mistake this is why some of the lights can be bought so cheap. Many of these companies buy seconds and re-brand them. I'd take some acetone or lacquer thinner, remove the nasty logo and live with it.

I actually tried paint thinner and it didn't remove anything. That's what I was hoping.