Received new lights, upcoming reviews

Hello all,

Well, my latest budget light purchases are arriving from China like a stampede of turtles. They all work at least, and they sent me the models I ordered, albeit with a bit of a surprise. Coming up, reviews for....

Tank007 tk-566-5

Uniquefire AA-S1

SmallSun ZY-C41

...and I still need to work up a review for my Akoray K-106. Stay tuned! ;-)

But it does draw serious current from the cell. 2.2A - probably less than an hour runtime on a good alkaline cell.

I just got a Ultrafire WF-504B in silver with the 5-mode XR-E R2 drop-in. It is just like the one Don reviewed at jayki and is my first P60 light and my first 18650 light. I am working on a review and need to get some beamshots tonight and will try to set up some outdoor shots in my backyard though I don't have a tripod. So far I'm really liking this light. It is my only good thrower.

In the next couple of days I should get my second-hand Ultrafire 2x18650 P7 light and I will write up a review of it as well since it is still available at KD and DX.

CPF lost reviews of my Uniquefire S10 6-mode and the Trustfire XP-E F23 when they "accidentally" deleted Part 13 of the BessieBenny thread, but I was able to get all the text from Google's cache. So I may re-post those here and on my blog as well.

Cool guys cant wait for the up and coming reviews.....i plan on doing a vid this weekend of one of my lights.

Enjoy!!! More pics and stuff to follow

Great, you guys do some really nice reviews.

I'd be interested in seeing your Uniquefire S10 6-mode review, especially runtime on Low.