Received the second component of my future project
So I finally got my hands on some single crystal YAG:Ce phosphors! :smiley:
Not cheap, over $300 because the minimum order quantity was 5, and they are only 3mm x 3mm.
They had some 5mm x 5mm ones too but that would have cost me over twice as much, although those would have been easier to work with.

Next items on my purchase list:
-blue laser
-blue laser driver
-blue laser lens
-blue laser protection goggles

It will be a while before I can test out the performance of the phosphors but I’m really excited anyway :slight_smile:

looks interesting project :+1:

What can I say but highly looking forward to another one of your amazing world beating builds. :beer:

Cannot wait

I’ve never been so excited to own a tiny expensive yellow square

Sure you didn’t “find” those in an “abandoned” warehouse?? :laughing: :laughing:
Can’t wait to see what you do with ’em. Did you study physics or engineering by chance? Just curious.

Always interested in your builds. Being laser powered this one has my attention.

such a cool looking project

I anticipate another enderman’s epic build…with several LEPs ?

Hahaha I actually had to pay for these!
I’m currently in engineering.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nah just one, but minimum order quantity was 5.
Probably a good thing though because I’m sure I will burn through at least some of them…


The world is becoming more interesting since you can just buy anything now that used to be only available to specialised companies.

I’m sure that you will have more than $300 worth of fun with these! :slight_smile:

Sure hope so! :smiley:

I wonder what would it do on top of White Flat die…

If I knew how to remove the phosphor layer from a white flat I could try it.

All I know is that Saablaster claimed to be able to swap phosphor from SST-40 to XHP35. As well as to lift the die off the XHP35 package and put it on a diamond heatsink. Osram LEDs are different, but maybe he would be capable of doing a similar surgery to them as well.
Would he be willing to help you with that? I have no idea.

Very nice! Do you plan on beating polar-li’s BFF (farthest thtoewing portable light)?

Good idea

My plan was to kill a Weltool
take the inside
and put it together with a 120 mm lens and Collar.

But I do not do this,cause the power is to less,

If yo wanna sell 2 pieces of the single crystal YAG:Ce phosphors
I will buy it.Send me a message please .

Thanks in advance


Which one? Is it on the list or am I missing it?

Sounds good, I’ll let you know if I have spares :slight_smile:

This light , the BFF, will beat them all. We don’t really need a measurement to know that. He is using a special bulb with an extremely high luminance that I never knew existed before.

A conservative estimation puts the throw at around 250Mcd.

Oh cool :slight_smile:
Well I only have very rough theoretical numbers which are probably not anywhere close to real performance, but I have high hopes.
Once I order the laser and start doing intensity test of the phosphor crystal then I will have a better idea.