Receiving spam via PM

I have received two spam PMs from “Bella BenSnail” already, anyone else getting these too?

Have a look-see


I replied with pm, and was asked to email their email.

A PM from them just appeared when I click this thread! Yes, I’m blaming you Will34.

Hello dear ,if you need high-quality flashlights products, please contact me .We have large factory in China ,already 10yrs in business.

Best regards

Edit: oh no it’s a hacker and has taken over my account. O:-)

Please mail your “high-quality flashlights products” to
Halo @ /dev/null

They may just be looking to get some advertising out for their store on Amazon. If they are willing to give people a light in trade for a review I would say they are off to a good start.

But then that effectively makes us shills…

And it would probably help if they listed they’re Amazon store.

As long as it is an honest review it doesn’t right? If they send a really garbage light, the review needs to reflect that

Yep gearbest once sent me a bad light boy did I show it lol… They where not happy… But they learnt there lesson

The thing is, lots of people are willing to post fake 5-star reviews as long as they keep receiving the freebies.

I can’t explain how much I hate shill reviews, the other day I was searching for a decent Solar charge controller and realized that about 80% of the new products had fake reviews. I had to click through each user and check their registration day vs review submission date and spent like 3 hours for nothing. Ended up buying from banggood, at least their reviews seem to be real.

Edit: I just asked them for details and yep, they’re looking for shill reviewers. Refused to give any further info other than “we maybe can send you free lights and discount coupons, please email us”.

I see what you mean. I am emailing back and forth, it seems they are legitimately sending out some lights for review, and they want to get some advertising of their name out there. As long as they are helpful honest and generally a good company to deal with I would recommend them. But the amazon review can’t be misleading. If someone posts a misleading review, that reflects on their character. They will have to live knowing they are getting others to buy trash. Can’t post fake review and have a clear conscience. At least I cant

Got another pm, 20min after I posted in their thread “No more PMs!”.
I was thinking of pming sb. But you know what, if they want to send me a “high-quality flashlights product” maybe I should let them. But boy are going to be unhappy if they think it will get them shill review!

Who continues to push a free review light on someone who, is just annoyed at your attempts? :smiley:

JakeD, have they provided you with an Amazon link? Maybe it’s just me but unless they are giving you a code to “buy” the light for free from Amazon I wouldn’t be handing out any details, not even an email address unless it was a burner.

Yep, amazon code or nothing.

So, it seems they are not trying to get shill reviews. At least from what they’ve said to me.

I’ve been talking to Bella BenSnail via pm. No mention that the review must be positive so I ask directly “The review can be honest? If there are any negative things / problems with the light, I can include that in the review?”. Bella BenSnail said “yes, you can”.

I think I’m too lazy to do reviews though. :weary: At least wordy, detailed reviews. Just wanted to see if they were looking for honest reviews or not.

Yes, they gave me a
It seems they are giving me a lumentop tool aaa to review. I will give the light an honest review. Reviews reflect my character so I can’t lie.
They don’t seem to be slow to ship, they took no time to “process” my shipping. But it seemed odd that I didn’t go check out at their store my self?

Thanks for clarifying, it seems like they’re a lumintop distributor? But I don’t see why would they need any more reviews of the tool, it’s an already excellent light with very positive feedback everywhere.

Perhaps they have quite a few tools sitting around from returns that could be put to better use as review samples to boost their rating?