Rechargeable flashlight Vs. Light with removable batteries?

There are mainly two kinds of flashlights on the market. The light with removable batteries and the rechargeable flashlight.
Which one do you prefer?

for DIY builds I prefer removable batteries so I can adapt to driver/LED.
Even if the light isn’t modded or a hotrod, I can adjust the output with the battery I put in for each trip/journey/use case. if I put in a tame Panasonic cell, I know the light will have less output and more longevity. The same hotrod DD driver can be much more powerful if I put a Samsung cell in. A battery can therefore also give me flexibility.

for the “perfect” use case and the “ideal” light, they can be built-in. i.e. keychain lights. bicycle lights I won’t mod, headlamps, etc

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I prefer removable, for the simple reason you can carry more than 1 cell to put in it should one fail.

For me, the choice of which main kind of flashlight is a matter of personality. That is why I like both.

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I prefer removable batteries for a couple of reasons,

1. Knowing eventually the batteries I can easily replace them.
2. The option of being able to use higher capacity or higher Current discharge batteries as suites me.

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I like rechargeable flashlights with removable batteries. If the form factor doesn’t allow this, a standard batterie should be built in that can easily be replaced.

Removable battery for sure.

Prefer removable batteries, though for smaller lights a fixed one could more efficient (sizewise).
I buy (what I think are) the best batteries, and even then the light itself will survive them all.
And when most parts of a flashlight have died, there is always the challenge of reviving it.
So new guts, new battery, and presto: new light.

With a fixed battery, if the battery dies after a few years, so does the light.
I suspect that flashlight makers have less urge to put in the best batteries if they are fixed.
Because there is no competition (that I know of) in quality, just in price.

For some applications being able to carry a spare battery and replace in the field is important.

For enthusiast lights, removable, standard cells. For non-enthusiast lights, I prefer internal charging capability. I don’t like non-removable or non-standard batteries.

Rechargeable flashlights that have the posibility to remove the battery and change for another one of you need/want

Generally I prefer the removable non-proprietary batteries.
With some exceptions in the uniquely formed small key-chain (fob) or similar type light.

The original statement and question are both oversimplified and misleading.
Most of us do prefer batteries that are removable in most lights. Having onboard charging does make sense in a lot of lights. But is that going to be a magnetic charging system or a micro USB or a type C. 18650 and larger batterys should charge at 1 amp or more for larger batteries. I want everything with at least an ipx8 rating. So batteries with a micro USB charge port on them does make sense for some flashlights such as the Acebeam W30 with a 100m depth rating. Onboard/built in charging just adds one more thing to go wrong so it needs to be tough and waterproof.

Depends on the intended use.
Very few rechargable ports are bomb proof.
For hard use in harsh conditions, removable is my choice.

And always I want the option to change the battery, in light charging ir not. So standard config batts. are a must.
Only in keychain type lights do I find oddball format batteries OK.
All the Best,

I prefer removable batteries. For EDC it doesn’t really matter, but I’m also frequently out in the woods for a weekend where I don’t have access to electricity. It’s much easier to carry an extra cell or two than charging cables and a powerbank.

Definitely (removable-I don’t like proprietary batteries or built-in) rechargeable batteries, since high output needs li-ion but having dual chemistry is super helpful (like AA/14500 or lights with AAA carriers that can use 26650 or 18650) when your li-ion goes dead and no access to chargers.

The question’s vague, as “rechargeable” and “removable” are not opposites.

You can have removable disposable cells (eg, alkaleaks) or sealed disposable (eg, cheap-enough keychain lights, toss the whole light once the cell’s dead).

Or you can have removable rechargeables (most lights, with or without built-in charging), or sealed rechargeables (eg, if Apple would make a flashlight).

That’s not even touching upon lights with proprietary-format batteries that might even be removable, but won’t fit any common chargers.

Removable batteries is a no brainer. I have lots of 18650s and if one of my flashlights dies, I can pop in a new 100% full battery in less than 10 secs and run for another few hours.
Batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a reasonable capacity after a while. Flashlights with built in rechargeable batteries that are not removable are basically a disposable resource, as they will become a paperweight as soon as the battery can no longer hold a charge.

Replacing Batteries is much much cheaper than replacing a flashlight, so much cheaper its not even funny.
I do have an Imalent LD10 and it has a built in battery that is not removable and I bought it knowing that it WILL become a paperweight eventually when the battery dies. After it dies I’ll consider busting it open to see if I can replace the battery myself.

The ratio of flashlights I have that are user replaceable vs not user replaceable are 8 to 1. And i’m sure others are similar.
I go out of my way to try and find devices that have user replaceable batteries, but sometimes (Smartphone) you can’t anymore.
The day that I can’t buy a flashlight with user replaceable batteries is the day I stop buying flashlights……