Recoil flash light help me out

Ok help a newbie out I want to get a recoil light so which recoil light should I get..

And I already have a HS-802 Laughing so point me to the best recoil light....

Also E-bay... they have HS-801 with ext tube will that make the light brighter and throw further..?

The extension tube will just extend runtime.

I have no recommendations regarding recoil lights.

ok thanks I just want to get one is just looks different..thanks about explaining the tube ext..

I have and recommend the sipik ck361
This is a great little recoil thrower. I also own a SolarForce Masterpiece Pre 1 and the little Sipik can hold it’s own with it. I carry the Sipik on my duty belt in addition to my regular light and use it all the time. For such a cheap little light it can really hold it’s own. It doesn’t disappoint.

any beam shots by chance...

I purchased a Sepik after reading some of Langs coments. It is definately a impressive light especially for under $15.

By the way. I tried to order it from DX about 45 days ago and it was out of stock. I found it at Dicoverybargain.

Thanks about explaining the tube ext...

How do, generally, recoils compare to aspherics?

there are some people on here very educated in this, (DrJones off the top of my head, and others) and i am not, but, i can tell you from experience that a well driven emitter with an aspheric/plano convex lens will throw farther than a recoil thrower, generally. the size of the emitter is a huge factor as well. a smaller (r2) emitter will throw farther than a larger (xm-l) emitter, even though it may not produce as much overall light.

keep in mind that a thrower can have different size hotspots, which will often be a projected image of the emitter. some may not throw as far, but have a larger image at a shorter distance. depending on what you are using it for one or the other may work better, and as is usually the case, there are pros and cons of each design.

now that i read my posts, i'm not sure that was any help at all.

I recommend you check out the Conqueror MX-008

I'm assuming that you're speaking to me; yes, I have tried it. The one I had in my hands pushed the LED at 1.2 amps versus the UltraFire UF-009, that I once owned, that only pushed the LED at 800mA. The quality was MUCH higher than that of the UltraFire.

just my opinion, but i think if you haven't had a recoil thrower you should get one. there is a thread about recommendations, but i would say get a cheaper one, not an expensive one. i had one, and really liked it. it threw very well, and the spot it threw was larger that the spot that the aspherics i had threw if they threw a similar distance. it depends on focal length with regard to the lens. once i found a r2 with an aspheric, in a p60 host, that threw better than the recoil, i gave the recoil away because i wanted only maximum distance. that said, the recoil was great, and at a shorter distance the spot it threw was much larger, and depending on what you want, maybe more useful. the recoils used to be much more expensive, but at the price they are available for now i definitlely think you will be pleased if you add one of the under $20 usd ones to your herd.

KLowD9x recommends is well liked, and may ultimately throw farther. for me it was too large for the trade off, but from what i've read everyone loves it. it is significantly larger though.

the one above in this thread that Langcjl recommends instead of the expensive conquerer. i don't have it, but it is similar to the one i had, but now much cheaper. people from wisconsin are smart Wink

I don’t know if I’m adding anything to the conversation here but I’ll make a couple of points.

Whether an emitter is larger or not isn’t really what determines throw. It’s just that with the emitters that are currently available the smaller ones are also the brighter ones in terms of surface brightness.

There’s no reason you couldn’t have a larger emitter with a higher surface brightness than the XR-E. In that case it would throw further even though it was bigger. Such an emitter doesn’t exist however.

With an aspheric throw isn’t determined by how larger or small the hotspot is. The focal length determines that but focal length doesn’t determine how far it will throw.

Regarding recoil lights. I had a backup dive light that was a recoil light long before I ever heard of aspherics. My impression is that an aspheric will throw further when everything is the same (emitter, diameter, current, etc).

Recoil lights do work well and are good throwers but I think an aspheric will always throw further (no data for that statement however).
As far as how the beam looks with a recoil light for those who haven’t seen one it is just essentially the round hotspot with no spill. Whereas an aspheric has the emitter image as the hotspot and no spill.

is probably saying what i meant better than i said it. clearly it is not the smaller size that matters, but the fact that the smaller size has more intensity/surface brightness. i'm pretty sure everyone knew or figured that out, but i should have added that part just in case. also of course throw is not determined by the size of the hotspot, but often, in general terms, a smaller, tighter, and more intense hotspot will indicate more throw. recoil lights usually do have a round, no-spill hot spot, as opposed to a clearly defined image of the led, however, aspherics, when slightly de-focused do also. they, again, not always, but generally, throw farther when they are slightly de-focused and do not project a clearly defined image of the emitter.

this is just my thought, no solid basis for it, but based on DD's reputation i would probably not choose that particular one. if for no other reason, it says it has an r2, and i would bet, a lot, that is does not. that light with an r2 would be ideal, but i really really doubt it.