Recomendation for 18350 batteries

Hi! Si my first 18350 headlamps (Armytek Elf C1 and Tiara C1 PRO) are in the mail and I’d like to buy a few extra batteries for them. I own a bunch of 18650 headlamps, one of wich I modded myself (thanks Quadrupel) but I+d like to try out something smaller so here I am. I’m not planing on using them on turbo modes so I assume I can get away with high capacity (like there’s such thing with 18350’s) ones?

Best ones I found on AliEX seem to be KeepPower IMR18350 rated at 1200 mAh. Is there anything better? Or just as good but cheaper?

Simple math says 1200 mAh is better than 900mAh, is it?

KeepPower IMR18350 1200mAh
Vapcell M11 18350

They might be the same.

Hmm, interested, too.

Using old/discontinued Rat Shack “Digital Energy” 18350s. Not powerhouses but pretty good. Labeled “800mAH” but both I’m playing with clocked in at high-800s to low-900s at 1A up’n’down. And these were drained to dead by the “protection” circuit. Had to jumpstart ’em on my LK before my Ope even recognised them.

And nb the “discontinued” part. Interested in new 18350s, too, for high-strung lights.