Recomendation for quick refferance for dealers by country of origin with a non biased rateing and what they specialize in.

Ill admit ive never been able to read this section fully as id rather be looking at lights and for parts i need than looking for decently rated retailers which could almost take days to pick one.

Could we get a thread made by a knowledgeable member thats unbiased to all companies and place each one in a group by what country they are located in so people can get faster shipping by ordering locally. Also many Chinese dealers get some bad reviews and many have earned them, But many of those we all use daily and are a staple of our light and parts supply chain. So unless they are really bad which i see a few here already marked as (Not Recommended) and thats fine.

It would be nice to give a summery of what they specialize in like, Parts, Lights, Everything, Batteries.

If you feel its not needed or waste of time ill not argue, But i know id like to see a list of all USA dealers when i need a certain part fast and lists of Chinese dealers when im not in a hurry and want to order alot of budget lights. And im sure some people here from Europe have dealers they would like listed and other countries and continents also.

If you dont feel its needed thats fine, Its just a recommendation.


U.S.A. A WV shop, I like that!


China has everything including a good website but is slow. is a little flaky with the website and other issues but has a decent selection as well. ships fast but has less selection.




DX-has everything including a good website but is slow.

KD is a little flaky with the website and other issues but has a decent selection as well.

Manafont ships fast but has less selection.






I can't really break the U.S. dealers down other than to say the all ship fast and have great customer service. They carry drop-ins, batteries as well as the usual more expensive lights but some carry Ultrafire as well.

I'm sure someone else will come along with a better list but those are the ones I have experience with.

I second this notion DasFriek! On a side note where in Ohio are you?

I live in Central, Ohio about 20 miles south of Columbus in a small town of Mount Sterling. But my family originated outside of Wayne WV in Big Laurel by East Lynn lake. I dont make it there as much as i like as i take care of my mom who is in bad health but she is from Huntington also.

gcbryan- Ill copy and paste what you added to my post and keep it updated as people relate them. Id like to keep it simple and fast so new people don't have to read the whole front page just to find a retailer who has what they want only to find out they will be waiting 3-4 weeks as its being shipped from China. As long as people dont mind if i do it that way.

I was actually hoping someone else would do it, But hey im hear and willing so i suppose i may as well try and get it together. I know you mentioned a few USA dealers i never knew of which is good as i want to order some parts to play with while i wait on some larger shipments from China.

Thanks to anyone who contributes!

FlashlightsnGear is another dealer that I have bought from with good results. A Mountaineer, by the way, cd520. I'm originally from Grafton, WV myself.

Add Lighthound to the good old USA section.

Both added, And how i forgot Lighthound is beyond me as ive even ordered from them myself. Added with special note as i have a special place in my heart for WV, Even tho i dont think i could live there. In the larger towns yes, But where my family lives its 45 minutes drive to Wayne which is small as heck and 1:15 too Huntington for larger stores and such.

But i hear you get used to it and only go when its necessary, But i love the people and the hospitality that you cant even get in Ohio.

Please keep posting them guys, We need as many USA and Euro dealers as possible so we can buy locally when we need parts fast. Nobody is gonna bet Chinese pricing so as long as we have the most liked ones listed i think were good. But ill add any shop you like as we dont want to miss a good shop or deal.

I live in Parkersburg along the Ohio River OH/WV border.

Oh and heres one for the USA-

I think Parkersburg is a bit North of where we cross the river in South Point/Huntington. I gotta admit i envy the beauty of the land in WV, The flat land of Central Ohio full of corn fields sure is ugly at times.

Ill add the new shop also, I hope they have something i need as im always looking for parts.

Here is another for China-

For the US: Limited selection but solid CS:

Another two very reputable vendors from China:

All updated thank you!

Another good one from US and A:

From Singapore: