Recommend a budget thrower

A friend ask me to recommend budget light with the most throw.
I’ve got a WOWTAC A4 (the 2x18650) version and am pretty impressed with it for $49.

I let him try and it was a “Shut Up and Take My Money” moment.
Unfortunately it’s no longer available.

The WOWTAC A4-V2 seems to be the same head on a 1x26650 body.
For the same price with a 5000mAh battery.
And it can be had in a neutral tint for better color and less backscatter.

Is there anything else I should be looking at in that price range? Say $60 max?
I know the K1 is starting to ship, but that’s just a hair out of his price range.

Thanks for the help,
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astrolux ft03
sofirn c8g
lumintop gt mini
convoy M21C
convoy L21A (sst40 or xhp35hi)
amutorch tc500

Astrolux FT03
Thrunite Catapult V6 (with a coupon code) at Illumn. (was ~$53)

Astrolux ft03, great bang for buck. Convoy c8 is a good small light for throw.

How much runtime do you need?

Does he have a charger, or does he need on flashlight charging?

How far is far enough?

Thanks all for the replies.
The amutorch tc500 was a new one for me. Like the 21700. I might need one of these.

He’d like a moderate run time on high - not turbo.
He understands the typical turbo step down.

I’ll set him up with batteries (if needed). I have cheap chargers that came along with various lights that I could pass on.

I showed him my C8 with the CW SST-40. He liked the size and throw.
His application is mostly outdoors in the country, so the warmer lights appeal.
It’s dusty out here and the lower the back-scatter the better.
And he’d like a little more punch than the C8.

Spotting medium sized stuff (Cows, Calf’s, Kids) 75 to 400 (ish?) yards max is fine.
Smaller stuff (Snakes!!) at moderate distances. I know a wider beam would be better for this.
Don’t intend to use optics to see the beam shots on the next mountain.

I see the WOWTAC I mentioned is now $39 with a battery at Amazon…
Think the package price and not waiting for China is going push him over the edge.

No matter what he ends up with, I’ll report back about his thoughts.
Thanks again,


I’ve been thinking about this recently. Whilst not a thrower in traditional terms, my Convoy L6 brute forces it’s way out a few hundred metres. How much would I be blown away throw wise by an FT03 of GT-Mini? (I’m trying to talk myself into one.)

The Convoy L6 sure is impressive. The FT03 and GT mini will both throw a little further than the L6 but the main point is that they are much smaller.

You will be much easier impressed by the throw of a small flashlight because you don’t expect it. Take for example the GT micro (with 14500 battery, not the mini). You can hide it in one hand but it throws 400m with ease. Even better are the flashlights with SBT90.2 or Osram white flat although they come only in cold white.

amutorch tc500
Such a underrated light. And I dare say it throws better then a Ft03. Or at least the last 2 ft03 I got with defective reflectors

How about the D80v2? Inexpensive, pocketable and runs on a single 18650. Great UI and beam profile. I’ve found the SST-40 version runs a little under 5000K CCT except on turbo.

I have one of these and I thoroughly like it. A great pocket thrower.

“The WOWTAC A4-V2 seems to be the same head on a 1×26650 body.” - Jeff51

I actually bought one of these and the head is slightly smaller than the Original A4. This also makes it a little more handy. Definitely doesn’t take away from the light itself. I was so impressed with it I bought another one and changed the emitter to a 4000K because I like the warmer tints. Really a great light. Almost wish they would come out with an 18650 version with a slightly smaller head that the V2. There are a couple of reviews on YOUTUBE and they have a 20% discount. I think Wealljugleknives is one of the 3 with a discount. just cant remember the others at the moment.

I just got the V2 in yesterday (Can’t pass up a sale). I was surprised how much smaller the head was.
I prefer the NW of this version to the CW of the original.
The head on the V2 get hot faster than the old one. The hot spot is not as tight and so the throw may not be as good as the first one.
I too like the slim design. I think it would be great with a 21700 body.
The included 26650 battery is 700mm long because, I assume, it’s protected.
It’s also a flat top which is interesting in a protected cell.

I’ll show this to my buddy and see what he thinks.
(I think) I’ll end up keeping this one and continuing the quest for a thrower for him.
All the Best,

Convoy C8+ SST40 for $17.99
Convoy M21A SST40

Be sure to use the coupon code MM21A for the Convoy M21A. Drops the price down to $19.99. Hard to get more budget friendly than these.

idk - i just got a convoy s2+ for $10, it seems about as throwy as i would want

the problem with ‘extremely throwy’, to me, is that they always have big heads

the s2+ is a good compromise.
1000 lumens
biscotti UI


Convoy C8 or C8+ with XPL HI 5000K
can’t so anything wrong buying this