Recommend a P60 Drop in with a very low 'low mode' preferably XM-L

Hey guys, as per the subject, would appreciate a good drop-in recommendation for my Sandforce L2. I'm looking for one with a good high (XM-L) but at the same time for endurance purposes, a very low 'low mode' would be great. 5-10 lums is good enough. Nothing like moonlight mode or anything.


The manafont dropin isn’t as low as 5 to 10 lumens but it does have what I consider an excellent and useful low. The modes are separated very nicely. It is also as bright as all get out on high.

Results here.

The DX 5 mode XM-L dropin pulls 0,03A in low mode (measured at the tailcap), but i don't know how many lumens that is. I have compared it with the Fenix LDo1 (Stainless steel edition with Q5 led), the DX XM-L on low is between low and mid of the Fenix (low = 10 lumens, mid = 27 lumens), so i think it is about 20 lumens.

On high mode it is pretty bright, but it does not get the maximum out of the XM-L led. For me, that is no problem because even with modifications most drop in flashlights have problems with heatsinking. At full power (3000mA = 10W), there has to be perfect heatsinking, otherwise the led will not last very long. To get that much power out of one 18650 could be dangerous. That's why i have ordered this Trustfire XM-L with two 18650 batteries, the led module seems to be screwed inside the head, so heatsinking should not be the biggest problem. It is in packaging now, if it gets through custums without any delay, it will be here the first week of may...


Do you know if the dealextreme link you gave me for the drop-in is the same drop-in in the light below?

It is possible, but i am not sure that it is really the same drop in. If you want a complete flashlight, the WF 501b with that drop in is very cheap. I would check the heatsinking before using it on high for a longer period. You will need some aluminium foil, i use aluminium of a beercan, wrapped around the drop in, so that it just fits (with some force) in the flashlight body. That way it will last much longer.

Well right now I have the 501B as per the link. I've ordered the L2 SS and need a good drop in for it. I was looking at the ultrafire 3 mode from manafont but I would also like one that has a decent low for battery life. .03A is quite low so that might be different from the one I have now cause even at low, it seems decently bright.

L2 stainless steel? Where, where? (panting like a dog)

lol sorry it looks SS but it's labelled grey L2.

The grey on the L2P doesn't look as polished as the one of the L2. I wonder if it's just the picture or the grey on one is completely different than the grey on the other.

just reading