recommend a USB microscope?

I’ve been using an antique toy “Intel Play” for really poor quality 10x flashlight component pictures for years.

It’s time I gave it to a child and bought something better, but still budget.

There are the usual heck-of-a-lot-of-’em for sale nowadays. Any recommendations welcome

— Mac compatible
— 1x-and-up image, preferably zooming not jumping between increments
— at least VGA, preferably better

This I am interested in too so subbed.

Celestron 5mp. Comes with mac software.

For my purposes — I need the 1x-10x range for imaging bits of flashlights — the Celestron 5mp is too much microscope, it starts at 20x and covers a range well worth the money for those who need that.

I’m looking for less.

I got this one awhile ago and have been using it with a Windows tablet:

Nope, that one is too powerful also… :cry:

Well, this one says “1x-600x”

Softwarewise - these things will be shopwn to the PC or Mac as a webcam, so a lot of software will work if the original doesn’t (then no measuring or whatever)