Recommend best price to buy sk68

I found one on eBay for $5.67.
Good shipping and I like it… But looking for a clone, cause they’re better, and 3 modes.
Also if you reccomend a light, do you know what would work as an extension? 2aa, 3 aa.
Referral link … YES!


Well if you are looking for something that runs 2AA/14500’s this one is on sale at Wallbuys.

Or there is this one that is just a 3mode sipic

read up on a site before buying; here’s one way:

Thanks 18650,
3 mode sipik - will it run on 14500?

Also, is there a review on this sk 75 somewhere?

From Amazon for $5.43 shipped
No idea if they are good. I got good clones from Tmart but $7.

Edit: C3 extensions work on mine.

Get this one from Amazon, much nicer that the Sipik labeled ones I have. Bought mine from the same seller also. I believe the zooming action uses O-rings for a very smooth zoom, The Sipik branded ones I have feel kind of gritty, like metal on metal. The output on both lights is the same.

Sorry, no referral links, but heres good and cheap extension setup to turn 1AA Sipik/clone into 2AA or 3AA, its the cheapest one I could find.

Buy one, pay full price, for each next item bought you get 10 cents rebate per item.

I got three and all fit perfectly with all of my different clones.

I got this one from Ebay -

Paid 3.09$ couple of months ago for it, only the longest part of it fits my Sipiks, turning them into 2AA light and leaves me with spare 1AA flashlight left over.

I hope I made sense :smiley:

I’m not familiar with the first one, but the price is right if the tubes will do the job.
That second one is a C3 clone, which is the one I have and the extension tube fits on a Sipik (installs backwards, but it works fine).
I found the Sipiks look a little funny with the tubes on them, but otherwise it does make them brighter for a bit longer.