Recommend me a 1AA flashlight as a gift

I’m looking for reliability and simple operation, one mode or maybe two, lumens are not a big problem, more is nice, but even 75 will suffice

Price range? Does tint matter?

I’d love to get any of the zebralights as a gift.

price is under $25, tint doesn’t matter

One of the Sipik clones then?

I have this one, and it’s pretty good, plus you get a small compass on the lanyard :)…

ShiningBeam has a RC-G2 X with a XP-G2 for $16

XP-G2 Cool 165 lumens
XP-G Neutral 150 lumens

thats already the front runner :wink:

How about this one HERE.
I’d buy it myself but I’m trying to cut down :wink:

it has a mode i’ve never heard of, Hi > Lo > Fluorescent

I think they mean “moonlight”. It says 0.09 lumens aka “it glows in the dark”.
Another fantastic translation huh ?

These are a little bit over $25, but a lot better in quality and reliability, beautiful packaging as a gift, better than no-name clones:

Crelant V11A can also be had for $25 with coupon here

Is there a coupon for md-lightsource? Can you tell me what it is?

I thought it was just BLF?

If that doesn’t work PM user madecov and ask

shiny flashlight is always a good gift especially for non flashaholic user :)

For AAA, I suggest Lumintop Worm Stainless Steel (there's anodized colorful version and also clone: Ultrafire SA R2) or Ultrafire T1.

For AA, I suggest Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel.

I think the ThruNite Saber 1A T10 is the way to go personally. 169 lumens from a single AA, XP-G2 R5 LED, 3 modes including a very very low firefly mode, twisty interface, keychain ring attachment, HAIII anodizing, anti reflective coating ultra clear lens. 169 lumens, 9 lumens, .09 lumens.

I got mine for $20, but they usually go for $29

Perfect gift for anyone. Easy to use, common battery, pocket size, good price. I have both.

Bought two of these.

XPG, nice and bright, quite floody, three mode, High,low, strobe. Love em.


L3 Illumination L10 is $25, but has 3 (or optionally 4) modes. However, I think there's not much difference in usability between 2 and 3 mode lights. Once you learn to change mode, you can do it twice too..

- Has Nichia 219 NW 4500K High CRI emitter for great color rendering
- Is compact, and very well built
- Available in multiple colors
- Doesn't have memory, starts always on low -> easier to use
- No hurry to change modes, about 5s time to turn on again for next mode
- No PWM

There's also a XP-G2 version for $5 less.