Recommend me a drop in (solarforce l2 - cycling)

I have a solarforce L2 on its way to me as well as some trustfire 'flame' 18650 and a charger Cool

Now needing to order a drop in for it and have found a few looking at past threads on here, some of which maybe a little out of date.

I will be using this light for cycling (with my blinky bike lights), with stretches of unlight country road - quite narrow with poor road surface.

This one seems to be pretty well recommended, would this be a suitable choice? or would I be better going for something else/newer/something with a textured reflector or this and a replacement reflector?

I would recommend that drop-in from the reviews i've read..probably be better off on medium though most of the time because of heat and runtime issues..but the flexibility is there..

Yes , that's the one . Wrap it with a strip of al . foil until it's a tight fit in the body .

I like the L2 as a bike light because the switch is easy to use while riding .

Just a quick thanks to the forum/update.

I did indeed go with this drop in and have been using last few weeks now the nights are drawing in. I originally intended to use this with my road bike... but I and it still aren’t on speaking terms after I did a London-Paris cycle earlier this year Yell

I have however used it on my old mountain bike and have been very impressed, can cycle as nearly fast as in the day down the unlit sections of the Thames path (mixture of gravel and paved cycle path) which I use on my gym commute.

Even on full power the batteries seem to hold up well - Lasted a round trip and back again (3x 45 min trips) .

Bit worried about how well it will stand the vibrations of the gravel/dirt sections - any experiences with vibration failures?