Recommend me a good headlamp for kids!

It gets dark pretty early here, and if my kids ( 4-6) have friends over they invariably end up hooning round outside in the dark.

What’s a good headlamp for kids? preferably one with a single band strap, a straight on/off switch (two modes is ok, just not 15 different flashers) and I’d really love them to take a single 18650 battery…

Page Not Found - look good, possibly only two modes… no 18650 though. .

Anything that takes an 18650 will pretty much as a given have at least one painfully bright mode, and you know kids will be shining them right into others’ faces up-close.

Lotta cheepies on AX that take a trio of AAAs, have plastic cases (often in lots of colors), and are “disposable” in case one gets stepped on or dunked in a toilet.

Looks nice, for almost a tenth the price. COB instead of a focused LED, so will provide a wide blanket of light that won’t be concentrated enough to sear young’n’growing retinas.

I bought a couple of Maker E02 when they were on special last year, Manker E02 II 420 Lumens Ultra-Compact Pocket EDC Flashlight

AAA battery, 220lumen so kids friendly. Downside, UI.

Hmm very good point about the 18650… might be time to buy some Eneloops instead…

I’ll order some of those cheapies and check them out… might get 2 or 3 other types and compare as they’re at a throwaway price…

yea, the UI looks tricky on that… and they’re not a headlamp unfortunatly… although they’re similar in design to the Sofirn SP38 and Astrolux(?) I have… but I’m also reading up on modifying the circuit boards to give just on and off…

D10 (aka. EHL0628) - King of the Budget Headlamps

They look good, just overkill for kids… :frowning:

How about the SP40? It’s 3 modes though and has a 2 band strap but you could always cut it off if you like. short click for on and off, hold when on to cycle modes.

For AA lights I read that Nicron on Aliexpress has some lights that can swivel the head turning it into an angled light and a normal flashlight. Not sure how good the UI is though since I don’t own one.

I own this light
and I really love it-

Best thing for me is the runing backlight, :+1:
You will be seen from behind.

Regards Xandre

Agree, too big, too heavy, too bright, too black.

That’s probably the Nicron N7 you’re talking about! I’ve gotten a couple of those and convinced some friends to buy them too.
Main modes are all controlled by single clicks, no mode memory: Off > High > Low > Off, and holding it leads to Strobe/SOS. They’re finally selling it with a headband too!

Although I really like the light, I might not recommend it for such young kids, though…aside from the sharp edges around the rotating head, the High mode (even on AA) is pretty painfully bright for dark-adjusted eyes, and they’re likely to accidentally strobe each other while playing around with the button.

Hey guys, the lamps you are recommeding all seem really good… and I do appreciate the answers… but I’m looking at buying about 10 of them for a bunch of 4-6 year olds to run round and adventure in the backyard with… so they literally need to be $5-10 lights… it’s not so much of a “recommend me a high end headlight for hiking” thread and more of a “I need something cheap but reasonable for some young kids as the little shits will lose / wreck them anyway…”,mr:1,price:1,ppr_max:15&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGjNDVuPvnAhVPLpoKHSreAvsQwQkIqwMoAA&biw=952&bih=433

Regards Xandre

Personally I wouldn’t even consider anything with 18650’s or too bright a setting (they tend to flash it in each others/their own eyes at 4)
The one in the post above is a childs one, no one is going to get hurt with it, but it’s nowhere near as bright either - trade off.

6 for $25, they are practically disposable. The Enerloops or IKEA AAA will cost more than the headlamp.
The only drawback is that they are H~~L, not L~~>H. They also have a pair of red leds, so kids will want to cycle modes.

There are also these, “for running, walking, fishing, hunting, hiking, cycling, reading, caving, auto repair & emergency kit or DIY as a waist lamp, Helmet Light, etc.”. I wanna see someone show up on the construction site sporting this:

Fenix makes some great kid headlamps, but they’re not a good fit. the HL05 is pricy at $15, and runs on 2xCR2032 (30 hours, but it adds up.).