Recommend me a hunting/camping knife

Hi all,
Have a few small Chinese pocket knifes that I’m really pleased with but fancy a big fixed blade knife. Ideally robust with full tang, able to be battoned threw logs, decent steel, plain edge and sub £50
TIA, Jeansy.

The Rough Rider 176 is a very nice knife, I own two.

Full tang with Burled wood handle.

Rough Rider is an American company but they have the knives made in china. They are well thought of here.

Thanks Stevetexas, i will consider that although UK customs make it much harder to recieve goods from the US rather than China :s

Thought id share with you a knife i would not be after, the 'OSO Negro' from Manafont, as i understand, likely a copy...

Randomly placed next to a Global kitchen knife and the excellent 763

As its a light forum next to a TR-3T6 and the awesome UF-980L

The knife looks good in a aggressive way, the grips OK but i think it maybe weak plastic and a bit coarse without gloves. Blade blunt on arrival and fails to take a decent edge after only a quick attempt. Just check it out inside though, i could never trust this knife!

This is the real "oso negro" from aitor/pielcu. It's a knife born and made in Spain. We can see some differences inside.

If you're looking for a solid and cheap knife to punish, would go with this one - With the money you save, buy more flashlights.

Check out the abuse tests here (4.5 stars) - The guys at knifetests must really love their work.

Get a Mora .

here is a knife you can destroy, hack at etc <<< dont forget there are 8 videos ! skip around.

its a great little knife , i got it to replace a very old POS. remember tough = less edge retention

if you really wanna hack at stuff machete is the way to go , personally a hand axe is indispensable. but something heavy at the end packs a punch like this

i got this knife a while back but only for slicing , this is not for hacking. steel is brittle compared to rough use knives IMO even thought its thick. D2 tool steel is geared twards edge retenion

also a carbon steel blade is dirt cheap and best value if you oil it

i dont know if you want a machete but now i want this , show use what you get. what you digits

Saddly is only for U.S.A.


for example: Mora 860 MG Companion or Craftline Topq Allround

By the way, is it good that "oso negro" fake from manafont (at priceangels there is too)?. Good steel? What about batoning or wood works?

I bought the 'extra sturdy cold steel' (almost certainly a fake IMO) from MF, seems much better but yet to be used in anger. As for the fake negro, I would be worried about using it to sharpen a pencil! Avoid at all costs IMO.

I have a question. Are there any cheap chinesse knife (from priceangels, manafont, tinydeal etc etc) that is recommended?. We know that sanrenmu, enlan, ganzo and navy are good chinesse folder knives (that are'nt fakes with horrible steels) but what's the matter on fixed knife, exists the same for fixed knives?.

BY the way, priceangels is full of fake fixed knives like this por example:

That knife is made by M-Tech (at least it's what's on the box). You could do a search on "Mtech 13-3/4-Inch SureGrip Survival Knife" or "Mtech Rubber Grip Knife" and see what comes up for you. There's a few different blade styles out there.

Hope that helps.

+1 Mora 2000

Well, any Mora with carbon steel blade.

Thanks I hope I can find a place that can ship to Canada for cheap. Looks like a very cool knife...

Or a Ka-bar.

+1 on ka-bar. or even a gil hibben. ive got a couple ka-bars and hibbens, they are both very nice makers. if i were in the market, or had money for it right now, id buy the one i linked.

Yep .

I like SANMUREN brand, B4-735 is a good one