Recommend me a tactical type flashlight


My collection is still missing a true tactical style flashlight. I dont plan any “tactical” use of it nor strobing my neighbours, but here is what im looking for:

- Rear momentary on switch, possibly side switch for mode selection

- Immediate on/off clicky action, no long presses allowed

- Preferably one touch to turbo/even momentary - like Acebeam L16

- Can be an older model in the 1000+ lumen range as long as the light is a solid model, budget friendlier

- Possibly with LED other than XPL-HI, as I have one flashlight with this LED already

- I would like to try one of the XHP35 LEDs, be it HD or HI model

  • build in charging would be nice

At the moment Im looking at Nitecore P16, Jetbeam IIM PRO or Lumintop T15S as budget options.

Klarus XT12GT

I am considering the Klarus XT series. However these are known for rather noticeable PWM on lower modes :frowning:

I only tried one that could fulfill your criteria : Olight M2T (or M2R if you want onboard charging)

Wow Tac A1S checks a lot of those boxes.

Nitecore P25 SMILODON
-Pure Tactical
Deep Reflector extreme reflector performance
-Full Driver (Beacon/Strobe/SOS)
-build-in charging

- integrated dual Picatinny connectors/rails

- IPX 8

  • power indicator
    –960 lumens, but VERY fu**en bright lumens))

Note: it’s not a new model and not cheap

Checkout Pflexpro, or if those are too expensive look into getting a Convoy and swapping out the switch with a forward clicky.

UltraTac T15

  • XHP 35
  • 1500lm
  • Dual switches (Tail and side)
  • Reasonable price $38.82

I’m not sure how the UI & dual switches work, (no reviews yet I can see) but I’ve inquired about it:

Olight M2R ?

Jetbeam jet-iim, its tailswitch is unique, and useful
It’s also very cheap( about 35$ with coupon), but build quality higher than cheap china lights


Here’s some more info on the UI:
It does appear the tail switch is a tactical forward (momentary) switch.

I’m trying to find out about what brightness level it enters first upon turn on, and if there’s memory.

Interesting find these UltraTacs… just wish they had bigger reflector.

Im throwing in to the possible selection the Skilhunt S3 Pro, anyone has it?

Anything Olight , also i just picked up a thorfire TG06S it’s not 10000 lumens but starts on turbo and has quick access to strobe

Its depend how much do you want to spend… acebeam L16 is one example.

OK so you’re after a mid size light, with around a 40 mm head size? (Similar size of a C8)

Unfortunately there aren’t many XHP35 tactical lights within the budget price range.
Exactly what is your budget? (Highest price)

I also wish for a budget priced, mid-size XHP35 dual-switch light with a “Direct to high every time” tail switch function like the Acebeam L16 / L30.
But right now that is just wishful thinking because I don’t think it exists.

If I got the L16 I’d want to swap out the CW LED for a NW.


“At the moment Im looking at Nitecore P16, Jetbeam IIM PRO or Lumintop T15S as budget options”

Did you mean the Jetbeam IIIM Pro? And Lumintop TD15S ?

Either the Lumintop TD15S or Nitecore P16 look like a good choice for the price.

Is there anything about those specifically that didn’t work for you? Or just looking for some other ideas?

Check out the Nitecore TM03 the only downside for me is that it need a propriety battery which it comes with

Wuben T103??

Good find, that one does seem to be a decent XHP35 tactical light.
1-click for ON, and I think it may even start in high mode (not sure) but it does have quick to access turbo from any mode (long press).

Thanks for posting this, for me personally it may be something to consider as well. Just wish it had some knurling on it. And a NW option.

We’re not exactly sure what the OP’s max budget is, but there was a code available for this that lowered the price by $25.00, but it’s no longer working, do some digging might be able to find a deal somewhere, or even request one from one of the aff-linkers here…

This one in Gold is a XM-L2 in WW for $68 and some change. Free shipping.\_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10