Recommend me a torch

Hi fairly new on here but have lurked for years and since payday has arrived its time for my monthly treat….

I have a fair selection of flashlights ( Olight SR1, Warrior, a small Zebralight , Thrunite headtorch, 5 Nitecore tubes and tini’s for my 5 sets of keys (work) and a couple of old C and D cell Maglites)

So Basically they are all really for work (Caretaker/Janitor/Security) but I apart from the Tubes and old maglites they have too many functions for what I need and the other night the Olight Warrior had turned itself on to some strange setting in my pocket and took me a while to get the thing back on, not the best when lone working in a massive building, and the tini’s do the same often.

So I am looking for a torch that has one setting (High) or a simple interface , I have only started looking but the Led lenser MT10 is the sort of thing IE the first press goes straight to main beam.

So any advice would be welcome , would prefer to by from China for best bang for buck and could stretch to $130 tops

Edit size is not that important :smiley: so maybe one of the newer Maglites ?

Cheers J

Have you tried headlamps? Do you want throw or flood? Lumen range? Battery preference?

I recently discovered my Astrolux S43 can go into that high-only mode, seems like it would fit your request at about a quarter of the cost.

Convoy S2+ with biscotti firmware can be set to a single high mode.
Same goes for Convoy C8, if you prefer more of a thrower.

Zebralight goes straight to high with a click on, no? Or you can set it to H2 instead of H1, but, either way, click-on and click off bright light. Maybe the one you have now too small? They are great quality.

Got my Headlamp for locking up and its perfect for that (mostly indoors) I need high lumens and a balance of throw and flood as I have to check high widows so throw needed and also tennis courts/large areas so flood is needed, the MT10 has both.

Battery Prefer recharge but get free batterys at work, will check out the Astolux.


Yep like my zebralight but not bright enough, , need many lumens really, windows are 4 floors up about 500 feet.

This would do but way out of my price

I really like the Astrolux , what is the difference between the 4x Nichia 219C or 4x Cree XP-G3


Nichia has better tint and may got hot faster than the G3. The light gets hot when you keep it in turbo, and it is mostly flood.

Edit: By better tint, I mean high cri. The G3 has a cool white as opposed to the neutral white of the Nichia.

Here’s a link to the review. Review: Astrolux S43 2600 Lumen Flashlight

Considering your budget, I can see ordering a few lights and testing the waters with some Convoy, Sofirn and Astrolux.

I think you could also consider the emisar D1. It can be set to momentary high only, and the ramping interface is very easy to use. It doesn´t have as much lumens as the D4, but has much better throw than triples or quads. It is also a fraction of your budget.

Check out the Jetbeam 3M Pro. Wickedly good light with a UI that might be perfect for what you are looking for. With the head all the way tightened it’s a one mode High (1100 lumens) light. If you twist the head just a bit then you have a 5 mode light. I have a Jetbeam Jet-IIM Tac with the same type of UI and love it.

Illumn has a decent price on it. You may find it cheaper.

Cheers all went for the “S” copper version of the Astrolux 43………………

Its floody but looks good for the task

So recommendations for decent batteries for it please :+1:

You should consider getting the 18650 extension, it doesn’t come with the copper “s” version. I have an efest 18350 that does pretty good but the 18650 will give you more juice. Samsung 30Q, LG HG2, Sony VTC5A are solid cells.

Cheers did not relize it did not come with extension (now ordered), have you links for those cells as I know nothing much about Flat/Button protected/Unprotected etc…

More of a Watch and Blade man tbh

cheers again :+1:

EDIT Got a Samsung 30Q :+1:

You can use flat or button, protected might be a tight fit.

Nice one ordered from fogstar :beer: