Recommend me an interesting light with XHP series emitter

Hello fellow enthusiasts, I posted this like week ago on CPF but got no answer. Hoping to find more input here at BLF.

Upon my realisation that I mostly need short to medium range illumination, such as in my yard, garden, etc, I set out on a mission to get me some balanced beam, floodier type of light. My longer range needs are covered by XPL HI based throwers, but due to their narrow beam they are borderline useless around my house, especially in lower modes when the spill is minimal.

As such I would like some recommendations for interesting lights with either the XHP 50, 70, or possibly MT-G2 LED chips.

Here is what I consider important:

- balanced beam with larger hotspot, good blending between spot and the surrounding corona, but not an all out flooder

- used primarily around house, garden, cabin or campsite

- preferably OP reflector for smooth beam

- not the smallest EDC format, but preferably something that fits into cargo pants or jacket

- should have moonlight mode and good mode spacing, turbo output around 2000+ lumens

- beefy enough not to overheat immediately

- Im willing to consider also multi emitter lights, but preferably not the soda can type due to their bulkiness

  • can be brand name or also reliable budget brand

My favourite at the moment is Nitecore EC4S. I like the format, has moonlight mode, supposedly has no PWM, good mode spacing. Only if the price could get better. I was also considering the BLF Q8, but cant help it, I find this light incredibly ugly and cant understand why it has no lanyard hole.

Which other ones would you consider worth recommending?

Klarus G30
26650 flashlight with xhp50
Ask freeme or m4mx about best price for your nitecore.

Acebeam L30 or Thrunite TC20

Imalent DN70 fo $60 or on a budget, the c8.2 from KDLitker from Kaidomain. Another excellent choice would be the Sofirn C8F sold on Amazon.

Thrunite TC20 will give you 1800lm sustained for nearly 1.5hours, There was a coupon for less than $70. I can’t think in a better choice

Imalent DN70 will stepdown to 900lm in less than 3 minutes

Zebralight SC600 MkIV Plus

It uses a XHP50.2 emitter, for lots of flood. 2200 max lumens, iirc. Lots of modes, down to several moonlight levels to choose from.

Tc20, perfect! :heart_eyes:

While the EC4S was my favourite to consider, it seems there are potential hit or miss flaws like high standby drain and problematic tailcap, where the threads can be stripped easily and even with current coupons the price seems too high.

The TC20 seems interesting, I especially like its ability to run in high mode for long time. Can you recommend me where to buy from or where to get coupons? BG and GB doesnt seem to carry the Thrunite brand :frowning:

I don’t know how much you’re looking to spend…but I had the Acebeam EC50 Gen II for a while and really liked it’s features…especially the really even beam pattern. I got a deal on it from a fellow BLF’er. Very compact for a 26650 light IMHO. Good mode spacing. Built in USB charging. Very good “yard” light. Felt really good in the hand. Up to 3000 lumens on Turbo. Also worked superbly as a room light, tail-standing when the power was off.
There’s a Gen III out now that supposedly has a bit more turbo output and newer XHP 70.2 LED and more “aggressive” bezel.

Hkequipment have a good service, but seems the coupon not arrive yet

Should be a budget friendlier option, as I have already other lights and I prefer trying different LED emitters. So far I have none of the XHP family in my collection. My preference of the XHP50 over XHP70 is due its smaller size, i want also some throw, not an all out flooder.

The KDLITKER seem like great choice, my only complaint is the perceived lack of some “aesthetics”. If it would look like Skilhunt S3 Pro, I would go for it immediately.

Acebeam also looks interesting, but out of my price range. I heard there are some password protected coupons, do you know what it takes to be invited?

Thanks for keeping your suggestions going!

M4dm4x have a site with good amount of codes and freeme too….

If you want the code faster pm them with the light which you want and they will sent :+1:

+1 for Acebeam L30 !

The L30 looks great, but still on the pricier side. Will check with M4DMAX what can be done about it. Other way would be the KDLITKER C8.2. with XHP 50.2

Can someone tell me what type of beam to expect from XHP 50.2. and SMOOTH reflector? I searched for beamshot videos but found next to none. Would expect medium throw with wider hotspot due to emiter size.

Thrunite TC20

Not a big difference but I’m pretty sure coupon price is slightly over $70, I believe it’s $72

Rofis MR70 3500 lumens + 200 lumens side NW light usb charging + power bank+ 5500mAh battery included :+1:

GB18LED code for 12% off

Also maybe have a look at this…


I dont know if haikelite has solve those issues with warranty, so, I’m still in “no recommend mode” with them….

The mt01 is very good, I can use the highest level till the batteries sag :innocent:

Mt01 is outstanding light but if I would choice between tc20 vs mt01 I certainlly take tc20 :smiley:

You guys are awesome for keeping the suggestions going :+1:

To move forward I have for now excluded the L30, not only due its price, but the 200 lumen low mode is somewhat a deal breaker. TC20 is still considered, but I would probably go for a budget option. As I dont know most of these budget brands, it would greatly help me if you could share your experience with these models. Also many of the specs descriptions are far away from complete, there are missing size specs, power levels, runtimes etc, which impacts my decision. So here we go:

1, KDLITKER C8.2 XHP50.2 - I like it, and price is great, just for some reasons the 2 deep circular grooves on the handle tube are in my opinion potential weak points, wouldnt like to get the flashlight snap there in case I drop it
2, Kaidomain KF8 XHP50.2 - also budget friendly, just smaller reflector. Looks beefier to me. Would really like to see some beamshot comparison with above C8.2.
3, Kaidomain K5S XHP50.2 - very similar to above, but runs on 26650 battery for longer runtimes, similar price.
4, ROFIS MR70 - again bit pricier than the KD lights, not really happy about the 2 LED setup, due to potential future issues
5, JAXMAN X1 - not sure about the description, seems the XHP 50.2 version must use long tube with 2x26650? That size is already too big even for cargo pants or jacket.
6, Haikelite MT01 with XHP50.2. - one of the very few soda can designs which I barely find likable. Like the 3x18650 battery setup. Have no info about this brand reliability, or build quality, or runtimes. What was the issue with customer service? This brand looks to me like something homemade on the knee, but I might be wrong.

Feel free to respond inline my list with your experience or keep coming with other models.