Recommend me some 1.5v Li-ion AA's

I know these have been about for a while. Wondering if there are any worth buying for sensible money (needs to ship to the UK)?

I want to try them in my Mac trackpad. I normally use Eneloops, but it seems to eat through them in no time. I don’t think it likes the lower voltage. So I’m wondering if I’d get better runtimes with the 1.5v Li-ion? Although I’m not sure how the runtime would work out, being as a 14500 is normally around 700mAh. A lot less than a 1900-2500 Eneloop.

It’s 700mAH at 4.whatever volts, not 1.2V.

They keep a nice flat 1.5V ’til they drop dead without warning. Just keep spare alkaleaks to use for an hour or so ’til they charge, or just wait that pretty short time.

I got ’em (AAs and AAAs) in remotes, a pulse oximeter, an optical mouse, etc., and they’re fine.

Tenavolts for AAs (charge like any normal Li cell but with 5V usb voltage in their special charger), and Huahui for AAAs (micro-usb octopus cable to do up to 4 at a time). Both via Amazon.

And recently, a coupla overly long micro-usb AAs from my Wuben E05s. Ie, not a 14430 with circuit, but an actual 14500 with added board. Doesn’t fit my Xeno, and doubt very many other things that aren’t specifically made for loooooooooong AAs.

I have used this type of batteries before overall this might be a good option but I would give you some information about this type of battery

If your device has a fuel gauge it would be useless because of the fact that you 1.5 volts all time until the lim-ion battery has been depleted also you have use a specific charger for this type of battery or battery that has a usb jack on the battery it self

When I used this type of battery

I noticed the following

The amount charge/discharge cycle are not as many as a normal lim-ion battery let say 18650 battery would be
Another thing that I noticed about this type of battery is when near the end of life the cell when charging this type of cell gets a lot warmer than they ( did new ) even to the point of getting to hot to touch [ this is dangerous situation if you are not aware of this issue ]

I do not remember correctly how many charge/discharge cycle this type of have but if I remember correctly it not what they claim them to have

The other thing I noticed that

My son has a x box controller that he used these batteries in and would not charge these batteries until dead this not the way to use this type of battery but there is no real way to tell how much of a charge you have left in the battery now my son told me that the run time is decent but ( this is at the cost of how many charge/ discharge cycle you have )

I personally was using this type of battery in a mp3 device ( it has a fuel gauge for the battery ) and my results were about the same but mp3 device has an issue in that even if the unit is turned off it would run the battery all the way down I did not realize that this unit had this problem until I got this type of battery and found that this device has this issue because every time I would want to use it the was dead

One note when I bought the first batch of this type of battery where no longer safe to use anymore I remove the buck converter controller from the battery and installed in the mp3 device and run the device on 5 volts on very long power cord and now I do not care that the mp3 device has this issue of running down the battery when not in use

I hope this helps you get the information you were looking for

There is another type of battery out there but the problem using this type of battery is that the voltage output is 1.7something volts and some devices have some issues with this type of battery if you are interested in this type of battery let me know and I will post a eBay listing for this type of battery

But I have some information about this type of battery as well

One when I first bought this type of battery the running time in a led flash light was a lot better than a normal type a a battery but a few years later when I went buy another batch of them I noticed that the running time results were not quite the same the running was lower than the first batch was a little disappointing

But the bigger issue was that these batteries would also when getting to the end of life the battery would be getting very hot to the point you could not touch them

So I do not know where the quality of these batteries went very disappointing for a very good product in the beginning

I’ve not had the same experience as @sam_sam_sam. I have a dozen Tenavolt - link to review.
I’m satisfied with them and all of them have been in relatively constant use for over a year, but not hard duty. No issues at all. Seem well built.
Note, due to the conversion circuitry they simply don’t do well over ~ 1.5-2.0A draw.

mAh capacity is a bit lower than a white Eneloop; ~1600mAh. They do hold voltage until they simply quit. A “few” devices that really don’t like lower voltage do better with them, but these are rare.

If you have a decent analyzing charger it would be useful to run a set of Eneloops until the trackpad goes out, then do a discharge test on them to see what’s remaining. If a lot, then maybe these lithium might work. If they are depleted near empty, I doubt you would get much benefit out of them. Or try a set of primary lithium. They hold voltage and have good capacity. At a guess I think the rechargeable lithium might go about half the time of a primary.

They are VERY expensive unless you can get a good sale, which I have not seen for a long time.