Recommend my 2nd 26650 light

So, I already have a Utorch UT02 for their, which I’m pretty happy with. Since I have 2 26650 batteries, I’m considering another light for one…… Probably leaning towards something more floody.

Strongly considering the DQG 26650 7X….Really tiny and pretty powerful and more on the floody side, plus codes available make it’s price not so bad….Trying to keep it around or under $50.

EDIT: Guess i should have specified, SINGLE cell light. Don’t think I’m interested in a 2 cell setup… not looking to go that big at the moment.

DQG 26650 7X or Lumintop SD26

Bought the DQG some weeks ago and i really like it , it’s bright , really small and NW has a great tint .

Also , about the lumintop , i’m reviewing it now (i’ll publish it tomorrow morning) and i’m really impressed . It has awesome runtimes / thermal regulation . and a fast integrated charging circuit (and stops at 4.20V) .

:+1: I’d be very curious to see a beam shot comparison between the two……And other features obviously. :slight_smile:

I have to take some more beamshots for the sd26 review tomorrow night , so i’ll be probably posting some comparsion beamshots here.

Interested in any modding, or no?

No-mods: Ultrafire DV-S9. Kick-ass little light with a tres-kewl magnetic slider to set the intensity, everything from moonlight to full-tilt. Diving light, so waterproof (eg, triple(!) O-rings at the tailcap). Beautiful shade of blue, more like a nice deep indigo. ~15bux and change from FT with the blf-discount.

Mods: Ultrafire F13. With coupon at GB (ask Fin17), around 11bux. Weirdo 22mm driver board, so you’ll need a hacque to fit in a different driver, but as a host it’s nice and beefy, lots of fins to keep things cool, and thin but integrated shelf for the LED star (20mm). Typische H/M/L/strobe/SOS annoyance, but looks like it can be reflashed (from memory, an SOIC-8, but don’t recall what flavor, probably an ATTiny-something).

Convoy L6
Big and powerful

Guess i should have specified, SINGLE cell light. Don’t think I’m interested in a 2 cell setup… not looking to go that big at the moment. OP edited. :+1:

L2. Takes a single 26650, but with the (hopefully) included extension tube, can take two.

Kinda top-heavy with the single, but manageable.

Correct. But isn’t it more a thrower than flood?

Yeah, but you can use some diffusing tape if you want something floodier.

I don’t recall any 26650-based lights that are floody like, say, the S2+.

Might have better luck trying to find a 3-up which’d naturally be floodier. Dunno multiples all that well, so can’t be of much help.

“Under restocking” now, but check out Shadow JM35:

Interesting light! Ignorant question…. Can anybody comment as to what the difference would be in beam pattern etc between the two emitters available for that? (MT-G2 vs XHP-50)

MT-G2 has a huge die, so XHP50 will throw better.

So, MT-G2 would be floodier… What I “think” my goal is……wonder if I can find some beam shots…… hmmmm.

EE X7 mod to a triple. Longer run times. Amazing flood and you can make it whatever tint you want.

I’m not a modder unfortunately. At least not at present.