Recommend something to replace an old 8 foot fluorescent tube fixture (indirect lighting)

Hi all,

I could really use some help with trying to figure out something to replace an old fluorescent tube fixture at my Mom’s house. It is a two-tube 8-foot fixture above the kitchen cabinets in a modular home. The current light fixtures sit atop the cabinets (which don’t go all the way to the ceiling) and bounce the light off of the ceiling for indirect lighting. The fixtures and bulbs are not visible (behind some trim panels), so looks or fixture type isn’t important. They hang above the center of an open kitchen / bar area (in the center of the house - not against a wall) so light spills out of both sides.

Ideally I would like some type of LED strips or long cob LED lights. The ability to change color temperature or color with a remote would be a nice feature, but not necessary. The most important issue would be brightness - I would like it to be at least the same output as two 8 foot fluorescent tubes, or perhaps brighter (dimmable would be a nice feature too)

Anybody have any ideas that come to mind? Any recommendations and ideas are appreciated.

Never saw 8ft tubes before, but you can parallel a pair of 3ft-4ft tubes but stack 'em inline instead. For that, there are LED replacements. I got a few in the house, 4000K-4500K or so, forgot, but they look nice.

Doubt you’d get the same brightness from striplights, as LED spacing is way more. Unless you go crazy and stick like 10 of 'em side-by-side on a panel.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions. I am in error on the length - they are standard 6 footers. I don’t know why I typed 8 foot. Anyway, I would like to change out the fixtures if possible.

Oh, well, then you can do anything you want.

Swap out the tubes for LED replacements.

Stick a bunch of regular edison-base bulbs that can do colors, dimming, etc.

Anything’s up for grabs.