Recommend the best Chinese-made or budget knives/tools you have come across!

I had the wood EL-01, and SOMEHOW it disappeared from my room. I mean, really. I think I might have cleaned up some trash and accidentally thrown it away. It bugs me like crazy because I liked it so much. By the way, I highly recommend the Sanrenmu H03, $6 from FastTech, UK legal and super comfortable. It’s the most comfortable small knife I own, it just feels great in the hand as well as looking great, and having a bottle opener/pryer. I have a theory that since SRM made a lot of cheap Spyderco knives and since the H03 looks so similar to the spyderco kiwi, bug etc. that it might be a scrapped Spyderco design that SRM made under it’s own name? Just a theory though.

I used to carry the Spyderco Grasshopper as an edc but now I use the SanRenMu AOH02, I’ve got an H03 on order.
Your theory is wrong. On one f the boards Sal Glesser, Owner of Spyderco, saw a picture on the H03 and thought that somebody had modified a Grasshopper, when told the truth he didn’t seem that bothered, Spyderco get their budget lines - Tenacious family, the Byrd line and the Bugs made in China some by SanRenMu.
I had a Kiwi that I was using as an edc but the Wharncliffe blade felt odd and I couldn’t get the right angle to cut things without my knuckles hitting the work that was being cut, I ended up giving it away.

These look interesting and are in the Spyderco 2014 catalogue -

Spydies with tools, I like the saw, I’ve never tried a Spyderedge.
Look out for the Chinese copies soon. :bigsmile:

You all so much ,this thread has answered a lot of questions I had ive have ordered l8ke six budget knifes in the last month starting with the Ganzo 712 ,EnlonEL01 bee L05 Srm 913 and two Harnds Vipers ,which I am still waiting for.

Just watched this video on the H02 the other day…

I like the Sanrenmu 710 - I have the original version and I like all the variations of the new ones, but can’t really bring myself to buying any more of them.

Wish they’d make it tip up carry. That’s my only real change I’d like to see for the 710.

The hump is in part created by the false edge/swedge which aids piercing/thrusting. I quite like the blade geometry (thick stock, hollow ground, no sharpening choil, stylish false edge, deep jimping), but the handle is just horrid. :Sp

Thanks! It’s definitely got the marmite effect, doesn’t it? I didn’t mind the scales, but I was put off by the swedgy-thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats is a hollow ground?

A very good source of everything knifey.
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Not just the geometry but loads of information.

All About Pocket Knives

More information.

Here are my all time favourite budget Chinese folding knives:

as you can see they’re all Sanrenmu except for the 2 Enlan

The smaller ones:

  • SRM 604
    SRM 605
    These two are very handy small knives, use them a lot around the house…
  • SRM H03
    This one is on my key chain, probably my favourite small UK legal EDC… I have a H02 and never liked it, it doesn’t feel good when holding it. The H03 has the curve for your finger at the beginning of the blade that makes it extremely versatile
  • SRM 728
    Beutifull looking gentleman hunting knife
  • SRM GB763
    No need for introductions
  • SRM 785 with custom scales
    I love the look and feel of this one.
  • EL-M08
    Great blade shape and very nice to hold

The longher ones:

  • SRM M1
    UK legal (after shortening the blade a few mm) for EDC
  • SRM 913p
    Work horse
  • EL01
    We all know this one…

8slSteve88 iam pursuing it now.

I have the M1 too, I forgot to mention that one. Apparently it got discontinued weeks after being produced. It was $10 on FastTech a while ago, definitely worth the money. I have been nervous about carrying the M1, do you think the police would be okay with it? I’ve been nervous because it’s such a huge knife in terms of the handle size. I would have to shorten the blade a bit though. It is a beautiful knife though, isn’t it? The quality is simply astounding, rounded spine, super comfortable handle, beautiful blade, gotta love it.

Glad another bloke loves the H03 as much as I do. I think it can’t be beat for a great UK EDC knife. It’s just so darn comfortable for it’s compact size. So versatile too.

I recently came across this website I’ve never seen before called and what caught my eye was the fact that there are a lot of knives I’ve never seen before there, a lot of hand made knives that look really cheap too, but most of those were sold out. I came across these knives which were listed as “hand made Case knives”, but I don’t recognize them, I don’t know if they’re copies of case knives or if they’re original hand made Chinese slipjoints, they seem to have some kind of filework on the back and claim to be made out of 8cr17mov which is a really good steel:

That said they don’t seem to deliver to the UK. |(

I’ve also seen this knife on FastTech which seems like a very unusual knife, it looks kind of like a balisong only it opens I’m guessing more like a multi-tool? It interested me purely because of how strange it seems. Any ideas anyone?

Finally I’ve also seen this knife on Aliexpress that interested me:

It’s $15 and looks quite nice, the only info I could find is that it’s listed as a “typical large Russian folding knife” though, it’s also MASSIVE:


NEW Typical Russian Large Wood Handle FOLDING KNIFE B77
Blade length: 4 1/2”
Closed length: 5 3/4”
Steel: 440C Stainless
Liner lock

I guess it really is like a multi-tool then, only instead of opening into pliers they open into a blade. I might pick one up just because it seems like a unique knife.

With a 70mm blade, and no locking mechanism, it should actually be UK legal.

I’m not too convinced…
Taken from here

“Knives that are illegal

butterfly knives - where the blade is hidden inside a handle that splits in two around it, like wings; the handles swing around the blade to open or close it


It’s interesting, isn’t it? I mean, it must surely take two hands to open, and be just as safe as any normal UK legal knife. But because it “looks” like a balisong it could still get you in trouble with the law, I’m sure. I ordered one anyway, I just like that it’s a little bit different. Even if the design was used by Cold Steel first.

I’m glad that people are recommending some knives. I think I’m addicted to buying Chinese knives, haha. I started buying them because I had no money, but with all of the Chinese knives I have I could have gotten some really high end knives instead, but I don’t regret buying them. :slight_smile:

I have a Black Rock Hunter with that mechanism. It’s much slower to open than any of my OHO knives.

I’d say a Swiss Army Knife would be more dangerous.

It can be slow but once opened it is moooore dangerous than a victorinox.
It is almost a fixed knife.

So is my Voyager XL clip point. :slight_smile:

Xaru, I’d just bookmarked the OneKnifeStand website and was checking the shipping, like ya do, :bigsmile: then noticed that they don’t ship to the U.K. ah well the Russian folder on AliExpress looks good. :slight_smile:
By the way, did you notice how many fakes there were on the OneNightStand, it looked like AliExpress without the genuine stuff, not saying I wouldn’t have ordered a few though. 8)

I know! That’s what confused me about that site, it has a lot of knives that aren’t on aliexpress. All of the supposedly hand made knives they have seem to be sold out and I can’t find them anywhere else which sucks. I remember seeing this and really wanting to buy it, it looks like it’s hand made and has a convex/saber grind so I thought it would make a pretty decent bowie for the price.

They sell some pretty crazy shit, too. I saw this the other day, $20 wolverine claws. Haha!

It’s too bad they don’t ship to the UK though, I was also interested in these knives, they’re listed as being “case” knives, but I think they’re hand made Chinese slip-joints, they seem to have some filework on the back of the spine, if anyone knows if they are copies of Case knives then I’d like to know, but I couldn’t find them on any other website.