Recommend thrower for around $50

Is there anything for around $50 that can blow away the C8’s? I was thinking of the L6 but it seems it’s not a thrower.

Thanks in advance.

Convoy L2
XML2 U4 dedome
1500-LM 230,000-cd
I modded 40pcs+ of these settings.
(but MF02 with code is worth for that price )

Sounds pretty good but I don’t have the skill for mods yet. I’m strictly an appliance operator for now.

Edit: MF02 is out of the budget although it is very nice


Emisar D1S is for $40 a great deal. Twice the candelas of a C8.

Thanks, ticked all the boxes except for the ipx6 rating. I want at least ipx8 since very wet conditions are common here during typhoons is a possible scenario

What about the runtimes on those?

Might look at the Utorch UT02. The high is not as many lumens even as they say, but it doesn’t have to drop down due to thermal issues. Good throw, doesn’t get wicked hot, and pretty decent runtime because of the 26650. Throw should be around 600 meters, perhaps a bit more. Running around $30 shipped, add $5 a piece for Liitokala 26650. Runs maybe 100Klux.

Thanks guys. So it’s down now to between the UT02 and the L2. Which one is the better thrower? Or rather which is recommended by the braintrust for a thrower for a muggle?

I’ll sell you my brand new XT12S (402m beam distance single 18650) for 50 dollars. It is too similar to my larger XT12GT and XT30R which is why I am about to post it for sale.

HaikeLite MT02
800 meter throw
IPX-8 Waterproof
(good discount available) :wink:

Maeerxu M8
800 meter throw
IPX-8 Waterproof

Thanks but I’m in the Philippines and shipping will cost way too much.

Thank you. Much appreciated. There’s also a local(to me) seller who I believe has them in stock. Which also works out well for my instant gratification. :smiley:

Have you looked at this C8?

“Factory modded” C8 - (better performance than a regular stock C8 or stock Convoy C8)
500 meter throw
IPX-8 Waterproof
Currently on sale for $18.15

Yes, I have one of those on the way. I hope to get them this week. :slight_smile:

Do you have a C8 currently?

As an upgrade in performance from a C8 I’m seriously considering this one (from my first post):
Maeerxu M8
800 meter throw
IPX-8 Waterproof


I think I’ll like it better than the Emisar D1s, internally it’s built similar (there’s been some speculation it may be made by the same factory)
I would have ordered it already but I’m awaiting to find out if there will be the green color version upcoming.

What I like better compared to D1s:

  • 26650 battery
  • Knurling
  • Stainless bezel
  • 15mm longer, looks more “balanced”
  • Lower price currently

I think Utorch UT02 is also a good one to consider, but Maeerxu M8 is slightly smaller and equal performance (on paper)

You didn’t say which C8s you want to blow away…

See the Sofirns? C8F (triple XP-G3, ~2600lm), or C8A (XP-L2, ~1750lm).

Cu DTP pcbs, bypassed springs, etc., right off the rack. No modding or rodding necessary.

He wants a thrower…and he has a Sofirn C8T on the way….Recommend thrower for around $50 - #15 by singularity35

@beamO I did have a convoy c8 until about a month ago. It was one of those convoy c8’s from 5 years ago. Served me well. It’s with a friend now as well as my same age s3.

I was doing pretty ok with my 5 year old lights (including a tk35 and a pd30) until another friend recently got “illuminated” and started telling me all about the new lights. Just like an old alcoholic falling off the wagon, I came here again and it’s like I never even stopped looking at lights.

Saw that later.

Even the old C8F had me giggling…