Recommendation for 2x18650 bicycle torch

Please suggest a 2x18650 torch for bicycle use. I have had bad experiences with bike lights connected to battery packs (the cables will not last long) and a torch is also a lot quicker to take with you when leaving the bike so far. Recently, I have used a few years old 1x18650 Cree XML but would like to get a bit extra power, hence thinking about 2x18650. Budget up to about USD30, excl. batteries & charger.

Looks like this kind of lamp is not common. How about UltraFire WF-502D? It only has one mode (I’d prefer 3 modes) but otherwise seems to fit the specifications (less than $20, 2x18650) and not too bulky for a bicycle’s handlebar holder.

‘Long’ torches are not ideal for handlebar mount in my experience and the Wf-502D is not great.

Have you considered a single 26650 or 21700 flashlight? It will give you 25% less juice compared to 2x18650 but in a preferred form factor.

I imagine the Sofirn sp33 would make a good choice, nice and floody beam.

Even smaller will be the Convoy S21A (21700 S2+ type light) but it is not yet produced.

Why not use a headlamp?

Armytek has their Partner C4 and Partner C4 Pro on sale for $31 right now.

Fenix BC30.

Remote boost button is fantastic for warning traffic or pedestrians. Beam profile is great too.

The BC30 is more than triple his budget.

Apologies, didn’t notice the budget restrictions.

The Jaxman E2L Triple offers unbelievable value and optics can be swapped easily by opening the front bezel.
Only downside is the driver supplied in stock light doesn’t have blinking modes. If you plan on using the light to be seen, flashing/blinking modes are important.

You will need a rigid mount to avoid the flashlight to wobble, something like this or this, but not this one

Concerning flashlights, I don’t know if it will make a big difference with your XM-L but the Sofirn SF36 is pretty nice for the price (relative flood with big hotspot) and/or an Astrolux S2 with XPL-Hi for a bit more throw with a tighter hotspot.

Convoy flashlights are great, I would recommend an M2 with XPL-Hi or a classic S2+ with the new SST-20 if you prefer something with a smaller head.

For road cycling you will need to tilt the head down with the hotspot at about 8 or 10 meters ahead to not blind cars coming on the other lane. The hotspot must stay below cars cockpit.

Have you seen this one? Zanes DL07
One down side is the batteries are not replaceable, also not a very familiar light -with not verified output, run time, quality.

You could also easily DIY the flashlight mount. I use two clamps with a peace of heating isolation and also a piece of old inner tube around the handlebar.

Electrical stretch tape works wonders (not the thin vinyl stuff). Also clear gorilla outdoor tape.

You can also get split steel collars. They will never move.

Ok….going crazy…weld two split steel collars and you can hang a small cow off them.

I’ve had excellent experience with an S2 (Cree XM-L2, 7135x8) on Biscotti mode 50% clipped to my gloves, I don’t imagine a bar mount would be much different.

I had been cycling for a long time with nitecore p36 on the steering bar. To mount it firmly I used GUB G mount (all aluminum, for phone) and velcro straps to hold the flashlight in mount.
This set served me well for nearly 2 years.