recommendations for 18650 light w/ powerbank function

I wanted to get the new Sofirn SP36 BLF Anduril 2.0 that has the powerbank function because it’s nice to have something to charge your phone that also has built in charger for your batteries. But it’s such a big light I don’t think I’d ever bring it on trips.

Any recommendations for a 18650 or 21700 light that has power bank function, and also is a good light with moonlight lows and indicator light to find it in the dark?

Sofirn IF22A

The Sofirn IF22 throws further and is somehow floodier than the IF22A, so I like the IF22 more.

Yes, the optic causes light loss which affects both flood and throw. The IF22A is more compact though.

Any Anduril 2 light with charging port meets your requirements.

I believe the latest Sofirn sc31 pro is Anduril 2.(not sure)

The wurkkos ts21 also comes in Anduril 2 flavor. (a little bigger since 21700)

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Too funny…I just came in to recommend the SP36 after reading the title before reading the rest of your post.

FWIW, I really enjoy it. Pleasant color and CRI, good UI, good flood and decent throw compared to most of my purely floody lights. It’s not really that big in my opinion, but it is heavy for its size, which may rule it out depending on your needs. I do think that lights which offer the power bank feature are probably going to be larger/heavier multi-cell lights more often than not, because their higher capacity makes the feature more useful when charging other devices.

So the Sofirn SC31 Pro does have powerbank functionality?

That’s not what I see at Sofirn’s page for this light nor everywhere else I looked, but I would love to hear that it indeed has it, as powerbank functionality is the only thing missing in this light to make it perfect for one of my use cases.

I just tried with my Sofirn SC21 Pro which has on board usb-c charging and Anduril 2. It does not work as a powerbank.

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Thank you very much for confirming this. So the SC21Pro is out, still looking for a light as similar as possible but that can work as a powerbank…

wurrkos fc13

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Thanks for the suggestion! Intriguing light, the FC13, it could be just what I’m looking for…

Does it have easily accessible flashing pads in the head, like the TS10? What’s their layout? Can you orc someone with access to one, please post an in-head picture showing the visible part of the PCB?