Recommendations for a small 1 Mode Thrower?

Im looking for a new Flashlight.
I need a thrower, a flashlight with a spot as centered as possible. Should be somthing not to huge, preferably 1X 18650 and fairly bright.
Also the flashlight should only have one mode, or some kind of fixation on one mode, so I always get the same mode when I press the switch.

I have been looking arround in shops like DX, gearbest and banggood, but I cant tell which lights are good throwers, since they often dont have beamshot pictures.
Willing to spend up to 20 USD, so it doesn’t need to be a super flashlight qualitywise.

Has anyone a recommendation for me?

Kaidomain has this model with 1-mode

Checked on several C8 models but they come with 2 mode groups, so normally 3 or 5 modes you can select.

ps: Willkommen im Budgetlightforum.

Here's a 1 mode c8 for less than $20.

Not sure how hard it's driven, though.

What's your idea of a thrower? eg; how far do you need it to reach?

Nice - that's probably driven better than the c8 I linked above.

Im looking for a light that is suitable for lighting up targets in 100 m - 150 m.

So a light that you could theoretically light up game at night while hunting. I say theoretically since that would be illegal in Germany. I would of course only use it for nature observation at night…

The KD C12 C12OM1 from the first link doesn’t look bad.
Am I right, that if I want a thrower, the light needs to have a “thick” head to center the beam?

My pick would be the KD C8 with a SMO reflector and XPL-HI at $18.99 is a very good throwing torch. I reviewed one Review: KD C8 XP-L Hi

or for the full range of XPL-HI torches

The OP model has a nicer beam, but doesn’t throw as far. They also have listed a C2 version. The host being slightly smaller than a C8/C12.

The flashlights a larger head with a single LED generally tend to have better throw. The C8/C12 range with a SMO (Smooth) reflector and an XPL-HI are good throwers. Throw is further with a smooth reflector as opposed to a Orange Peel (OP) in the same flashlight.

Yep, those KD lights are probably your best bet.

This one has 1 mode, smooth reflector, & the XPL-HI LED.

So the first one postetd has an OP reflector, which ist not the best choice for me.
The one you posted is a 3 Mode light which doesnt fit my needs. For a normal flashlight that would be finde, but in this case i want a 1 Mode one. For “normal” Flashlight dutys I have a Nightcore SRT7.

So when I looked at the lamps at kaidomain, I only found one with smooth reflector and 1-Mode:

You think its a good choice?

Too slow, so I guess I’ll order that one.
Thanks a lot.

Last question. I should be fin with normal protected 18650 batteries, right?

Check out the dimensions of a c8 if that fits your size requirements I would also recommend that for the best price/value/formfactor. Convoy has very good quality for low prices.

But it always hard to compare these things a smaller refl cote compared with a xpg maybe de domed will make a very small spot and throw good but with a lot less overall light…a real thrower needs in some guys opinions a xpe…

Are you able to do mods by yourself? Soldering or driver change for example? If yes a lot of lights can be made to one mode.

Do you have batteries already? it’s important to have good batteries for good results.

What batteries do you have?

Pretty much any 18650 should work in that light, if it's not excessively long with the protection circuit.

I just ordered the light from kaidomain. Hope it was a good choice.

I would able to do mods, as long as it doesn’t get too complicated.
I modded my Maglite 6D to a cree XML T6, which workes fine. But in this case it would be nice to buy a light that fits my needs (or at least as close as possible) since I don’t have the time and patience to mod a flashlight.

Have a couple of cheap ones here. One pair is called “Trustfire” with a fancy lable, on pair “boruit”, and a couple of grey “whatever”fire I’m not sure about maufacturer.

Sounds like the cells you have are pretty low quality.

For safety, performance, & much better run-times, consider some new cells.

The new offerings from LG such as the mh1 would be good. Plenty of good quality batteries available,do a search here 4 more examples.

4x LG HG2 are currently available through a promotion/deal

If you prefer protected batteries these would be 4x Samsung:

Get a Convoy C8 host and a noctigon mounted XM-L/XP-L and dedome it. Then run it direct drive. You likely won’t beat the performance for the package size/quality/price.

I ordered 4 of the Samsung ones.
You can never enough of 18650. I can put the lower quality ones in the 2 powerbanks for 18650 I have.

From The KD picture it is a nanjg driver which standard always have modes…but maybe it is a special driver…

By the way, although it’s too late now (you already bought a light), if you want to stick to a single mode, you don’t necessarily have to use a single-mode driver. Last-mode memory will cause the light to always come on in the mode you used last. So, it will act like a single-mode light unless you intentionally change modes. It is usually just called “Mode memory” and lots of nice lights have it. Beware of Next-mode memory, though. That is the worst abomination ever invented in a flashlight driver! No matter what you do, it always switches to the next mode in the order, every time you turn it on! :Sp

I think you will be happy with the light you have chosen… 8)

You are right, kind of…

Again for this specific use I have in mind, the mode memory would probably not work.
Example Situation: I switch the light on for 2 sec or so (preferebly with only little pressure on the switch, not clicking it), switch it off, and want to switch it on a second later again. Usually it would switch modes then, which wouldnt be good.

Thats why I like my nightcore with the selector ring. I can select what ever I want, and when I press the Switch, it’s alwas the same. But that flashlight was comparebly expensive. I’ve never seen somthin like that on a cheap light.