Recommendations for an 18650 triple

I’d love to hear what’s popular for EDC 18650 triples with USB charging. I love the Sofirn SC32 / SC18 / SC21 Pro and would love something similar with a triple, the shorter length the better. I got this idea after seeing the Wuben TO46R in the Amazon thread, but since that one is a bit dated I was wondering if there’s a better one out there nowadays.


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Sofirns IF25A reportedly comes with an adapter sleeve to run an 18650, if the couple mm increase in outer body diameter doesn’t bother you.

I can’t give a first hand recommendation, its still on my short list to get before the end of the year.

Its not a triple though, its a quad! :wink:

There are the popular Convoy S2+ as well, but as far as I know their triples are all DIY pill swaps… aint seen one for sale already done.

But I swear I’ve seen an true 18650 triple in the last week of browsing, but it escapes me at the moment, I’ll get back to you. :slight_smile:

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Sofirn sp36 BLF, i’ve ordered it last week, the 4000k version a true tripple 18650 with usb output. Havent received it yet so cant comment on it, but it was on flash sale when i ordered it and its my first big light, im excited, although i forgot to order silicon diffuser now that i checked, rip, will have to order with something else next time

There is also sp36 pro with quad sst40 emitters and more lumen output but lower cri

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I guess that is a distinction to be made… I assumed a single cell light with triple emmitters was wanted. @luma went the other logical route(that I hadn’t thought of when I posted) and recamended a triple cell platform…

So… Which concept/platform were you asking for @mrstealyourgains ? :smiley:

D4V2 - It’s not new but it is nice and small with many good options. It’s a quad emitter though.

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My preference for EDC is a fairly small light. I haven’t found many 18650 triples that meet the criteria, unfortunately.

If you’re into modding, I converted a Wowtac A6 into a triple and it’s about as compact as physically possible. The downside are it’s micro USB and the regulation isn’t flat.

Some good suggestions here!

@AK-Adventurist - I love all of my Sofirn lights, but for an EDC I’m looking for a single-cell 18650 light for the combination of compactness and runtime. Think the form factor of the SC31 Pro. I remember Jaxman posting about 18650 triples several years ago, but there doesn’t seem to be many other manufacturers who’ve followed: [Review] Jaxman E2L ( 3 x XP-G2, 18650 ) ~ Great triple EDC # Mod in 1st comment

@lumu - looks like a cool light, hope you like it! For myself, I’m seeking a single-cell 18650 EDC light.

@Ledhead - there are a lot of options, so I could be overlooking it - is there an option for built-in USB charging?

@James_C - thanks for commiserating with me, that’s exactly my problem as well!

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Lumintop FW3A. It’s 5 years old, but still one of the better EDC triples out there and is still for sale. Nealsgadgets, Lumintop, AE, etc.

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Great light! I have a BLF FW3A, but I don’t use it as an EDC because it lacks USB charging and doesn’t come with a deep carry clip.

I can’t think of a triple emitter 18650 or 18350 with USB charging. At least nothing recent. I have a Wuben TO46R. It’s a great light. Great tint, beam etc. Just a little big and no option for 18350. The pocket clip isn’t even deep carry but, you can rob one from another light to fit. If you have that option. In this day and age you wouldn’t think what you are asking for would be too difficult.

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Ah, try the Wuben TO46R. That might check all your boxes.

Amazon has them on sale right now for $29 with a 10% clickable coupon.


The Jaxman E2L is still going strong for me :slight_smile:
I still regularly EDC it with the OG FET+1 driver and a 18350 tube.

Not familiar with that light. Is it USB rechargeable?

Guess it’s the Wuben TO46R for me - thanks for all the suggestions!

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I think the reason for the lack of selection is triple boards, or at least all the ones I can find, are all 20mm and up. Can’t find a 17mm triple. So if you need to make it >20mm wide anyways might as well go 21700.

You can file down 20mm triple optics to fit into say the Jaxman E2L (file down to 19.3mm). It should also work for a FC11 or SC31pro but then you need a spacer from aluminium or copper between the MCPCB and the head as the triple optics are far less deep (about 8mm including MCPCB for a triple vs. about 12mm+1.5mm MCPCB for a single LED). 20mm triple optics fit in a S2+ without needing to file down the LEDs’ MCPCB, but you will need a spacer again for the pill, as above.

Yep, reducing the diameter is the way to go.

For smaller triples there’s also the FWAA MCPCB/optic. Unfortunately it’s pricey - last I looked about $12 and that doesn’t include LEDs.

Another option for modders is to buy a Wurkkos TS10, convert it to a single (which is awesome as a mini thrower), and use the MCPCB/optic in another light. So for about $20 you end up with a nice light and the triple setup, including LEDs. Just keep in mind those little LEDs the TS10 uses can’t be driven too hard.

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Not saying you cant. Just speculating on possible reasons for the lack of selection. If you’re a manufacturer what’s easier to do