Recommended driver for 9V spotlight with single XML

Hi guys,

I’m working on converting a Cyclops spotlight that had previously used 3 XRE led’s into a single emitter flashlight using one large reflector for more throw.
The light uses 6 AA alkaline batteries putting out just over 9V, so I am looking for a constant current driver that converts that to a voltage suitable for a single XML-U2 led.
There is plenty space inside the flashlight so it doesn’t have to be a standard say 17mm circular type.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


You’ll need a buck driver. RMM carries them.

LD-29 2.8A 1 or 2 Cell Driver - 20.5mm

LD-2C 3A 1 or 2 Cell Driver - 20.5mm

I used this driver in a recent build. I have not seen a full review on it, but it seemed to be pretty good quality. Only 2.4 amps, but still a good driver.