Recs for a multi-LED flood work light?

I have this GRIP brand 72 LED worklight which often comes in very handy. Mine is old and getting flaky. It is 4xAA powered and I’d like to find a budget 18650 powered model (1 or 2 batteries). Any recommendations?

I like those 27 LED units from Harbor Freight. They run for days on 3xAAA's and you can't beat free.

OK, how do I get it for free? :bigsmile:

They have coupons for free items in all their ads, it changes, this light, digital multi-meter, leather work gloves, 9-LED FL, tape measure, etc. They usually have an ad in the Sunday papers, coupon insert or magazine section.

Usually free item with any purchase, but lately I've seen some with no purchase required. Also often on sale for $1.99.

Of course, it depends on a store being in your area.

No store in my area. Was hoping to find something about twice that size or larger that ran off 18650 batteries. Searched DX and Fasttech and so far found nothing :Sp

So no multi-led 18650 type lights? :weary:

18650 lights are going to be targeted at us flashlight people, those work lights are targeted at every day people that most likely have no idea what an 18650 is, that’s why you won’t really see any.

Looks like you have an idea for a project…

I have enough projects! :wink: Maybe a chinese will realize there is something they haven’t cloned yet and make these GRIP products available with 18650 like everything else