Recs for NiMH Chagers?

I haven’t taken a hard look at it yet, but I think my BC-1000 has bit the dust and it’ll be my second dead LaCrosse charger in the last few years. Can anyone recommend a NiMH charger on par with the BC-1000 as far as features (charge, discharge, test, throttle charge voltage, etc.). Not sure if technology has come a ways since I bought that charger, but if it has, I’m willing to try. As long as it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

For NiMH only duty, Opus C2400 has served me well.

+1 for OPUS BT-C2400 (also known as OPUS BT-C2000) if you can get one…

I use their smaller OPUS BT-C700 model and usually charge/discharge AA cells at 700mA/500mA and AAA cells at 300mA/200mA. I like that it down-regulates the charge current for high resistance cells and haves the charge current just before the cell gets full.

AA Cycler

I am also looking for a Ni-MH-charger.

I also noticed the BT-C700, but I think it’s a bit frumpy and only provides 700mA/max. Current (4 slots).

The BT-C2400 isn’t available anymore.

Does is harm the battery, if using an universal charger like UMS4 or VapCell S4+ ?

Powerex/Maha MH-C9000

Thanks everyone. I ordered the BT-C2400 from Amazon. Hopefully it’ll last a few years.

I have owned the C9000 almost since it came out. Amazingly good charger.

I bought my SKY RC NC2500 in 2013 in Asia so the charger has plug similar to EU plug and works with adapter for US 120v.

There's Android and iPhone apps to connect via bluetooth get battery statistics and adjust settings.

I currently use the 12v/2.5A power adapter from a retired NETGEAR wireless router to power the NC2500.

For my AA Eneloop Pro and XX there's charge settings from 200mA to 2500mA

For standard white Eneloops there's settings from 200mA to 2000mA

For AAA Eneloops there's settings from 200mA to 1000mA

I'm usually in no rush so my primary setting is 500mA

Battery resistance is displayed in the phone app.

Charging the Eneloop batteries in an Xtar VC4 yielded mixed capacity results

If I didn't have this charger for my Eneloop XX,Pro and standard batteries I'd probably get an Opus C2400 from Amazon.

The Sanyo/Panasonic XX sat unused for 7 years and then using the Cycle mode at 200mA charged them to full capacity.

I see a SKY NC1500 on Ebay but know nothing about it.