hi guys , today i received a charger from wallbuys and saposed to be a niteye AD30 charger!! I received a universal charger not the original niteye product!!

this is a very bad experiences and from today i give them a BIG RED CARD!!! Last time they send me wrong goods again without reply my emails and i gave them a yellow card today was the last day !!

here the ling also if they removed the subject i have a print-screen for my safety reasons!

Lol, I was very confused of the title.
I thought you may start a trip to china…

lol red card like in football

I was confused by the title too.

Did you pay by Paypal? If so, maybe you can communicate with them via the dispute system if they are not responding to emails.

Did you contact them before you started this thread?

That would be the best thing to do first.... if it doesnt help, come back and tell us.

Hey AndreaSP, how are you? Been a long time…perhaps edit the title of your post to avoid the confusion?

It just looks like a regular power brick from the pictures. Maybe that’s what Niteye ships out for their chargers?
I’d contact Wallbuys and Niteye to see if what you got is really a NITEYE AD30 Battery Charger for EYE30 EYE40.

I google searched for some pictures of the charger and all the ones I found just look like generic chargers. They don’t actually have any Niteye labelling on it.

I received a wrong charger for one of the $20 instant kills bike lights too. I contacted wallbuys about it, they said it was a “supplier error” and promised to ship me a correct replacement. We’ll see how that goes.

last time i send them 3 emails and no reply , i send them an email and am asking my money back!! i don’t like to play the bad nose but this is unacceptable!!

it is a universal charger is not Niteye charger. the plug is different ,no markings , no niteye logo anyware!!

I agree that the title was confusing, but I quickly realized what the OP meant.

I’m afraid that you’ve been a victim of bait and switch, and I hope that PP refunds your money ASAP.

One thing to note is that the photo in the Wallbuys page is of a generic charger. Not entirely sure what’s going on, but do hope that you get your money back.

This was very poor conduct by Wallbuys.

Hi AndreaSP,
Are you sure your sending to the correct email address. I have contacted Cherry over the last couple of days back and fourth about six times. I had no problems with response or time, usually 12 hours for response. I would give them a A+ for contact response but that is just my experiences, can’t speak for anyone else. Are you using service@wallbuys dot com?

I agree that the title was confusing.

skype: qya_cherry

if you paid with paypal file a claim/dispute

you will get your money back

i never even bother emailing places like wallbuys/dx/tmart etc because i dont feel like communicating with something thats been run through google translate

i set a reminder in my calander to come up 40 days later to file a dispute if my stuff isnt here

ive only had to do this twice in 2 years but ive got my money back both times… and the items never showed both times

AD30 in Niteye website: Niteye AD30
Other website: AD30
Looks like not much different than picture in Wallbuys. I can’t find Niteye’s logo on D30 in their website either, or supposed to have logo on the other side of charger?

I don’t how this is going to turn out, and no excuse for this kind of problem, but my impression, thus far, and based on a recent experience, is that they don’t have very good control of both the products that they sell, or of their “suppliers”. They don’t seem to be that knowledgeable about the stuff that they sell, but, rather, appear to depend mostly, if not totally, on their suppliers for that type of thing. Just my impression/opinion, and would love to be proven wrong :(…

i really have no idea whats wrong with them!!! :frowning:

i received the answer from wallbuys!!! nothing more to say is not a proper answer from a company they are just amateurs !!

here their answer:


So sorry that the charger we sold in our shop is the same to the pictures.
As we know, it is in the lowest price that we can get it.
And the suppliers afford us with this type. We are not clone universal adapter.
Hoping that you can understand.


Epic fail. I hope you file a PP dispute if you already haven’t, and get your money back.

I already send a PP dispute hope to reply soon!! :frowning: