Red Elephant Package WITHDRAWN

Red Elephant Package price dropped $220 or $200 without the Mag head.


This will weigh over 1kg packaged, International shipping will be high. So this is the one sale I will offer even cheaper for Australian buyers.
Take another $20 off price for either full package or minus Mag Head.

Edit: I have an AW softstart D size also. (Could be included for extra)
Open to (small amount) of splitting or swapping parts.
Also have a Red Throwmaster…(FM 2.5 Inch head)

Red Elephant and 3 Inch Head
Extra Mag head, finned and reanodized
1 extension tube
Standard 4 cell battery carrier
8 cell (series) carrier (can be changed to 4 cell)
VLOP and SMO reflectors
Mag switch and boot

The Elephant body has some specks of ano missing. Can be seen in the pics.
One of the front brass connectors on the battery carrier was filed down , also seen in pics.
Both heads minty.

Price includes shipping. Worldwide shipping will be Registered Airmail from Australia.
US dollars for worldwide. Australian buyers can pay in Aus Dollars. (ie everyone pays similar amount for goods, exchange rate means US dollars will cover extra shipping costs for worldwide shipping)
I reserve right to check destinations in case shipping costs unusually high.
Paypal only.

P.R.E.T.T.Y :ghost:

Yep. Some people miss that the Mag head is full re anodized and smooth, no mag logo, no bare al inside the fins…

If this was a different colour I would be on to it, but I already have a red elephant. GLWTS

I have an original chrome Elle, will list soon

So it’s not an elephant II ? Can’t say that one interests me too much, sorry.

No, original Elephant with the round body.


No love for this huge chunk of metal…Bump!

Bump with a price drop.

Looks great, GLWTS. What was that you mentioned about a Chrome OG Elephant?

I have a chrome original Elephant, no battery holder.
Also a Nickel Plated FM3 head.

Thanks Chodes.