red/green throwers

What is the best thrower out of all the available kill lights and clones.

I just finished modifying a uniquefire t20.

I installed a de-domed, highest bin, green xp-e, on 20 mm copper sinkpad that was modified to fit the t20 pill. The copper pcb is soldered to the brass pill. it uses a najg105c driver, with a spring added, set to High, Medium, Low modes.

On high, it draws 1.4A from a panasonic cgr18650ch, and puts out 35k lux at 1 meter.

I measured lux at 13ft and calculated for 1m. For reference, my measurements for a crelant 7g5v2 are about 15% below cpf reviewer ’selfbuilt’s measurements. That ought to illuminate a target at 300 meters fairly easily (assuming you’re using optics).

from the datasheet, i’m going to say it is putting out about 200 lumen.

The light goes for $21, xpe $6 plus shipping, copper sinkpad $2.5 plus shipping, driver $3

This light, or another like it will be for sale soon for $60.

I also just finished building a crelant 7g5v2. It has two pills, one xml2, one sst-90 green (highest bin)

The SST-90 is doing over 22k lux at 1m (collimator head), and well over 700 lumens. It also has a reflector head. Both pills use stock driver, but I upgraded the wire in them and they pull more current than stock.

I haven’t decided if I’ll sell or keep it, but if I sell it, cost will probably be $250.

Another light you might want to check out, the small sun zy-t13. Good with a reflector, but it can also use the crelant collimator head (30 to 125% increase in lux over zy-t13 reflector, depending on emitter used).

Here are some super throwers but they also have the price to go along with them.

OSTS Night Master Green

OSTS Night Master Red

Thats some nice work you did dthrckt

Thats seems like low numbers on the sst90 - I got nearly 30K with a green xre in a Jacob A60

DEFT-x oops sorry not red or green

no surprise there, the sst-90 die is huge…

imagine your a60 with a 2/3 the throw, but 4 times the light :slight_smile:

i thought about driving it harder, but I didn’t want to lose 1 cell capability. Also, I calculated surface brightness gains for higher current levels and didn’t think the (small) increase in throw was worth the loss in runtime and increased heat.

i’ll try to get beamshots this week…

Oh ok didnt think about it like that. LOL

would definately like to see the beam shots of both of those lights.