red led C8

I’m looking for a red light for the rear of my bike - on gearbest they have an ultrafire C8 with a red led and they have a zweihnder C8 with red led. both these flashlights look the same but are they? anyone have either of them? anyone knows which is better made, brighter etc. I’m going with a few thorfire C8’s for the front - shame they don’t do a red led version - same goes for convoy

won’t a C8 for rear bike light be a bit overkill?

We shopped a lot for appropriate taillights (bicycle commuting) and chose several from among these:
Bike Lights | Portland Design Works (and you can of course find cheap Chinese clones of them but read the specs carefully for what you get or don’t get)

Visibility from all sides and interest-catching variability of the light matter more than raw brightness — you have to provide what drivers expect to signal “bicycle ahead” attention

overkill? ha ha - I’m having 2 of them! I thought when its dark I could have them on low mode and medium mode at dusk/dawn and then high mode in the day time

Have you seen the rear projection lasers for bikes? The seem to put a line beam on the ground behind the bike. Just a thought.

I have seen them but I thought the bike would look better with matching lights c8’s front and back - I’m anal like that

I can recommend this one:

it really needs to be C8 shaped so it matches the 4 :wink: thorfire c8’s I’m gonna put on the front

So this is for daytime use (grin) when people will see the host shape.