Red Lights & Christmas Cheer

I have a nifty red trick for convoy S2 lights that I like and have been meaning to post . I'm sure I've said it somewhere but it's good enough to deserve it's own thread and it's the time of year for sharing ....

This one makes for two nice colored red diffusers

and also

a tasty treat !!!

Cut right above the wrapper and you get one shorter stubby one and a second curved one that hangs nicely onto lots of things . Fits an A6 , S2,S2+ s3,s4,s5,s6,s7 etc, etc, etc and many tube lights like it was made for it .

<< last year after Christmas sale at target ..but honestly they're sold everywhere .

You can hang a red Convoy S2+ as a candy cane on the tree or from someone's stocking if you add a spiral of while ribbon .

The hook makes them actually very handy to have a few hanging around the house :)

Ho Ho Ho .......

Merry Christmas BLF

Candy Cane Red Convoy S2+ |

I think this guy reposts this every year

I am not sure if we have those around here, but if we do, I’ll give a it a try :wink:
For the diffuser, not the candies of course :stuck_out_tongue:

this idea was great.
worked as it was advertised.
candy was great, too.

Red Light district = Christmas Cheer :slight_smile: